DITO Telecommunity Brushes Off Delay in their Commercial Launch

The country's highly anticipated roll-out of the third telecommunications company is fast approaching but there are some reports that the company faces some obstruction and possible delay but according to the top official of the company there's nothing to worry at all. 

According to Atty. Adel Tamano, the technical audit would last for a month as he brushed off worries of a delay in their commercial launch this coming March 2021. 

The Chief Administrative Officer of DITO Telecom was quoted as saying "As I have said before, DITO Telecommunity is poised to finally offer its services to the Filipino people in March, world class connectivity that they truly deserve, as we launch commercially," he said. 

The challenger to the Globe-PLDT duopoly, is optimistic it can meet its committed level of services as the technical audit officially started on Thursday. 

The company behind DITO Telecom, backed by Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy, said it already sent a document to the National Telecommunications Commission (NT), informing the latter of its readiness for the first annual audit of its services. 

For the first year of operation, the startup telco giant has vowed to deliver a minimum average speed of 27 Mbps and cover 37% of the country's population. 

"For the past months, amid the difficulties posed by the current pandemic, Dito has made great strides in the roll-out to ensure the results of the audit will be positive," its chief administrative officer Adel Tamano was quoted as saying in a statement on Thursday.

Dito Telecommunity tapped R.G. Manabat & Co., an affiliate of international audit firm KPMG, for the technical audit.

The independent auditor was chosen from the latest list of accredited auditing firms under Group A of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, and appointed in accordance with the procedure under the rules and regulation on the selection process of the new major player.

R.G. Manabat & Co. is tasked to conduct a 30-day field test, and another 15 days to prepare the final report.

The country's third telco operator, DITO Telecommunity stated that the auditor would focus on a percentage of the identified 1,600 sites that cover 8,800 barangays in the country.

Source: PNA

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