Jay Sonza Slams Sen. Lacson for Supporting Law to Criminalize Red-Tagging

Veteran broadcast journalist and supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Jay Sonza, slammed Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson for allegedly supporting a law to criminalize red-tagging. 

Jay Sonza called out Sen. Ping Lacson as he sarcastically stated that "Ping, ang tunog ng latang sira at walang kalaman-laman."

Sen. Ping made some headlines in the mainstream media in light of the statement expressing support for a bill criminalizing red-tagging. Jay Sonza was so disappointed with Lacson as he noted that despite the earth shaking testimonies of former NPA cadres, Mr. Lacson still wants to criminalize red-tagging, of well known red personalities. 

The veteran journalist reminded the senator that he is a former PNP chief, former PACC chief and the principal author of the anti-terrorism law but his latest pronouncements on red-tagging is contrary to what he has done in public service. 

Read the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

after weeks of expose' & earth shaking testimonies of CPP-NDF-NPA cadres, Mr. Lacson wants to criminalize "red tagging" of known red personalities. 
Mr. Senator, are you nuts?
What's your problem general? 
Ping is a former PNP Chief.
Ping is a four (4) star general. 
Ping is a former PACC Chief. 
Ping is a former PC MISG officer. 
Ping is a principal author of the Anti-Terrorism Law. 
Ping, ang tunog ng latang sira at walang kalaman-laman.

The statement of Sen. Ping Lacson and the criticisms he received from Jay Sonza also caught the attentions of some netizens who raised their concerns on the soft stance of the senator against alleged conspirators of the CPP-NPA, particularly the Makabayan Bloc list of solons.

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Hazra Khadija: Baka may nasagasaan na connected sakanya at malamang pati sya apektado? Imagine dating pulis ppanig sa mga terorista? Ladlaran na! Alam na. Sino sino pa ang laladlad? Meron pa yn mga protector ng npa at terorista nsa hanay lng cguro ng mga yn.. Mag react na kayo tignan natin kung sino sino ang mga npa

J Lance Lagman: Sabi na sa inyo... Wala naman silbi senate natin. Ang dami natin pinapasahod dyan puro grandstanding lang. Sayang ang taxes natin. Bawasan ang senador. Divert fund sa education!

Jenna Reyes: Wala ng pagasa magbago ang Pilipinas...less than 2 years na lng c PDU30, and sadly nagiisa lng sya and a few of his men (Tugade, Pinol) who really cares for this country...

Mykel Avellanosa: ..and this is coming from a former PNP Chief!?! He should know better... Whatever advantages we can gain from "red-tagging" these destabilizers will be beneficial to the country, in the long run. We have enough problems already, as it is...

Danny Sanz: If this is true, then Ping is doomed. We definitely must ride on the train of change that will shape the future of our children. Erase all these shitheads that hinders progress.

Txopher Sylvia: Lacson kept interrupting Ka Eric saying “again that’s an open secret”. I was like, tangina alam mo na naman pala noon pa bakit Di ka gumawa ng action or work with other agencies to put a stop with their modus that fuels them to ruin our country. In my opinion, Lacson is a classic TRAPO. Let’s all be wary of this clown and to flush him out of senate when the time is right. No wonders PRRD cusses a lot.

Gigi Kazama: Kawawa naman grupo nila ka Eric after all of the hardship that they went through and also the AFP and PNP wala palang kwenta . Senado mas kampi pa sa terrorists. Hays . God knows who are the hudas!

Romir Empino: seryoso? author ng anti terrorism law tapos ganito. halatang nag iingat o sadyang dilawan tong senador na to. Tang ina nakaka inis sana umaksyon na ang militar ginagago na tayo nga mga politiko na to.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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