Jillian Ward Willing to Spend a Date with a Fan

 Former child star and beautiful Kapuso actress Jillian Ward revealed during a quetion and answer portion on her blog that she is willing to spend a date with a fan at the right time. The statement of the actress came out on social media with some netizens showed excitement on her prounouncement. 

The Prima Donna star is considered as one of the of the most bankable actress of the Kapuso Network. 

Jillian Ward started her career when she was just 4 years old, and during those times, being a child actress was seemed to be just like childplay and the set became her playground for the past few years. 

Right now the young actress is already fourteen (14) years old and blossomming into a fine good looking young lady who now understands the entertainment industry where she belonged. 

In the latest video blog of the actress, Jillian Ward took time to reveal some of her secrets and also giving some tidbits about her personal life as she bravely answered some questions from her growing number of fans. 

The younger sibling of Jillian Ward picks some questions from her supporters and fans on social media through their official account. 

When asked about her secrets of always glowing as an adolescents, Jillian responded by saying that "Physically siguro of course, take care of your health, alagaan mo yung sarili mo, body mo, mag-work-out ka if kailangan. Kumain ka ng mga tamang pagkain, whatever works for you that's what matters." Jillian Ward answered. 

The actress also added that it is not only that we should be concerned with our physical health but we should also take care of our mental health. 

Jillian was also asked about her ideal man in which she immediately responded by saying that her ideal man is someone who is "kind hearted, hard-working, respectful to others, and most especially himself." She also noted that these characteristics is not only for her ideal man but also for those whom she wanted to be friends with or to be part of her life. 

The most interesting question asked by her fans is her willingness to accept date with an ordinary fan in which the actress responded. 

"Siguro po pag nasa tamang oras na. Hindi naman natin nako-control kung kanino tayo nagkakagusto, so why not? One day, pag pwede na."

Jillian Ward is considered as one of the most popular teen actress of the Kapuso Network and she is part of the top-rating series "Prima Donnas."

Source: Jillian Ward Instagram

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