DITO Telecom Building 2,040 Cell Towers Ahead of March 2021 Rollout

 DITO Chief Administrative Officer, Atty. Adel Abbas Tamano confirmed during an exclusive interview with CNN Philippines that the country's third telecom player is now building at least 2,040 cell towers ahead of the commercial rollout in March 2021. 

According to the top official of DITO Telecommunity the company's initial requirement of 1,300 towers is seen to be completed by end of October 2020. DITO is currently working on meeting the 27mbps and 37-percent coverage in time for the government technical audit come January of 2021.

DITO Telecom's Chief Technology Officer Gen. Rodolfo D. Santiago also confirmed that out of the 1,300 cell sites committed, a total of 859 towers were completed and operational as of September 13, 2020. The 1,300 towers is needed to achieve the mandated targets of 37 percent population coverage and speed of 27Mbps by January 2021.

The company also revealed that DITO Telecom planned to construct an additional 3,500 fourth-generation cell sites and about 1,500 5G cell sites by the year 2021. 

During the past few months DITO Telecom said it already spend nearly P150 billion for the initial rollout of its infrastructure and other operating expenses. 

The firm, previously known as the Mislatel Consortium, will first offer 4G LTE connectivity before moving to the more advanced 5G technology sometime in 2021, Dito spokesperson Adel Tamano previously said.

The new player paid a ₱25.7-billion performance bond to the government as it committed to provide internet service with a speed of 27 megabits per second (Mbps) to 37 percent of the population on its first year of operation. The money will be forfeited in favor of the government if Dito fails to meet expectations by March 2021.

DITO, the country’s third major telco provider, is a consortium of Davao businessman Dennis Uy's Udenna Corporation and Chelsea Logistics Company and Chinese state-owned China Telecom.

Source: CNN Philippines

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