Teacher Laarni Issues Public Apology (Please, Wag Po Ang Family Ko, Workplace at Kaibigan)

Controversial teacher Laarni Villaluz issued a public apology through a video recording and an open letter to all who criticized her for disrespecting the President of the country.

Teacher Laarni who received thousands of negative comments on social media after posting an edited photo of the President during his visit to the bombing site in Jolo, Sulu wrote an alleged Open Letter as a sign of apology.

The post of Teacher Laarni went viral on social media, particularly among the pages affiliated with Pres. Duterte on social media.

The Facebook account Laarni Villaluz issued an apology on social media as he asked for forgiveness to the President, to her families, her co-workers and friends who were affected with her disrespectful gestures in social media.

Teacher Laarni also claimed on her viral Open Letter that she is not the original owner of the meme showing the President's kissing the Earth and compared it with a dog eating with his Pedigree dog food.

Here's the Open Letter of Apology by Teacher Laarni:

Hello po. Allow me to express myself. First of, I want to apologize to our President for inappropriately posting the said meme in a specific group. I am humbly asking for your acceptance of my apology. Mr. President I know this has caused too much and too bad. I am really sorry po at hindi po ako nag isip. This was literally a hundred percent sign of disrespect. I am really sorry po.

To My family, pasensya na rin po if napahiya po kayo dahil sa akin. Sa mga pinsan ko po, relatives and sa lahat po ng patuloy na minemessage. Pasensya po sa lahat.

To DEPED Community, I know this has been another issue po which has been connected in the profession. I am really sorry po for causing this trouble. Pasenya na po sa lahat ng teachers an in the field of Education. I am really sorry po.

To my Workplace, I know this has caused so much damage. Pasensya na po sa lahat. Especially sa admin who have been receiving lots of bashing. I will fix this po. Please stop spreading hate towards my workplace po. Wala po silang kakulangan. My said post has nothing to do with my workplace po, at inaamin ko po na sobrang nagkamali ako. Please, ako na lang po. Wag po ang workplace ko.

To my students, sorry for disappointing you. I was becoming unprofessional with my post.s I understand if the way you think of me has changed. Pasensya po. I'm really sorry. And to everyone na nainis at nagalit, I am really sorry po. I know, this has lots of consequences.

With regards to my post, earlier in the morning, I saw that picture in a particular comment section and I downloaded it po. I was not the one who edited the picture, however, since I posted it po, I know I am accountable for it.

Source: Facebook 

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