Licensed Teacher Mocks Pres. Duterte Jolo Photo (Larawan Ginawang Aso)

A licensed professional teacher is now on hot water after her controversial social media post wherein she posted an edited photo of Pres. Rody Duterte and mocked it on social media, comparing the President to a dog.

The edited photo of Pres. Rody Duterte shows how the President kiss the land but in the said photo, a dog food was used instead of the usual ground kissing of the President.

The licensed professional teacher was identified as Laarni Villaluz. The name Laarni Villaluz just trended on Twitter for her controversial and malicious post against the President.

Villaluz was quoted as saying "Sino po may voucher from Pedigree? Baka po powede makahingi. New User." Villaluz stated.

Due to the controversial meme posted on social media, the said photo went viral and most netizens slammed her for doing so.

The controversial teacher who allegedly worked with Junior and Senior High School at Maryhill College in Lucena City became the latest internet sensation in a bad way.

Netizens bombarded Laarni Villaluz with negative comments on social media, some of them even called out the school where the teacher worked and informed them of the gestures made by the teacher, showing disrespect to the highest official of the land.

It was only later on that the teacher realized of her wrongdoings as she publicly apologized with her conduct on social media.

The Department of Education (DepEd) did not released an official statement yet regarding the controversy involving one of their teacher, but according to some reports the news about Villaluz already reached the office of DepEd as well as the school where Teacher Laarni worked.


Licensed Teacher Mocks Pres. Duterte Jolo Photo (Larawan Ginawang Aso) Licensed Teacher Mocks Pres. Duterte Jolo Photo (Larawan Ginawang Aso) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 01, 2020 Rating: 5
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