DITO Telecom's Tower Inside Military Camps Approved by DND

The third largest telecommunications company in the country today, DITO Telecom and their cell towers inside military camps were allowed by the Department of National Defense as confirmed by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.

Sec. Lorenzana confirmed to the media and told the House members that he recently signed an agreement allowing the new telecommunications player to install cell towers within camps, similar to mobile service providers Smart and Globe.

During the year 2019, the AFT allowed DITO Telecom to set up communications in its camp, but it was halted amid security concerns raised by some lawmakers about allowing the China-backed firm to do so.

The complaint among critics of the administration did not include the other telco companies which are funded also by international companies from Singapore, Japan and Indonesia.

When questioned by some lawmakers, Secretary Lorenzana explained that the document was submitted to him in 2019 but went under Senate review.

"They came out with nothing naman, wala silang complaint or any recommendation on the contract. It was returned to us," he said, noting that the AFP pledged to install safeguards.

The upcoming third telecom provider, DITO is a brand build through the partnership of businessman Dennis Uy's Udenna Corporation and Beijing-run China Telecom through a $5.4 billion (about ₱60 billion) investment deal last year. The joint venture plans to put up 10,000 cell towers in the next five years.

DITO Telecom eyed to construct and finish at least 1,300 cellular towers this coming October and make it operational in terms of cellular and internet connections.

Dito paid a ₱25.7-billion performance bond to the government as it pledged to provide internet service with a speed of 27 megabits per second to more than a third of the population on its first year of operation. Failure to deliver meant the government gets to keep the money.

Source: PNA

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