DITO Telecom Stores Spotted in SM Malls with Opening in December 2020

The country's third telecommunications company, DITO Telecommunity stores are now spotted in various SM Malls with opening dates in December 2020.

Some netizens took to Facebook as they shared what they spotted in various malls in Metro Manila and other major cities nationwide. Although DITO Telecom is yet to start their operation in 2021, they spotted their upcoming stores or offices inside SM City Malls.

A concerned netizen shared a photo of the upcoming store located in SM North Annex along EDSA in Quezon City. Another user also managed to share a few clicks of the store in SM City Manila.

Both photos that circulated on social media are all unopened while one of the photos shoed a notice of December 2020 opening of DITO Telecom.

The preparations of the third telco may tell every Filipinos that the company could be accommodating enterprise and select customers starting this year despite their official launch on March 2021.

Although DITO Telecom did not release any official announcements or news yet from the third telco of their DITO Telecom Stores and office locations in various parts of the country.

According to some rumors from company insiders, DITO Telecom's operation will start with major locations including Metro Manila, Davao, and Cebu.

Based on their official statement by some company leaders, they shared their progress with more than 800 towers done by September and about 1,300 towers to be completed by October 2020.

DITO Telecom will have their technical launch by January 2021 according to Atty. Adel Tamano, Chief Administrative Officer of DITO Telecom.

Before entering as the country's third telecom company, DITO Telecom have a performance bond of 37% population coverage and 27Mbps speed in its first year of operation.

If DITO Telecom fails to deliver these numbers, they will be paying the Philippine government with a huge amount of penalties, amounting to P25.7 billion performance bond which will be forfeited in favor of the government once they failed to deliver their promise.

Source: DITO Telecommunity

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