NBI Reveals Francis Leo Marcos (FLM) Using Fake Name & Doesn't Own Sports Cars or Mansions

The controversial Francis Leo Marcos who initiated the 'mayaman challenge' on social media doesn't own the sports cars or mansions he's showing on his videos according to the investigations made by the National Bureau of Investigations.

According to the NBI, the self-proclaimed businessman and philanthropist Norman Mangusin or more popularly known as Francis Leo Marcos is allegedly not showing his true identity.

During an interview with Erwin Tulfo, NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo said that they gave Marcos a chance to present any document that could prove his businesses; however, he failed to provide any of it.

Lorenzo noted that even the DTI documents, the controversial businessman Francis Leo Marcos could not even provide.

The NBI also revealed that Marcos (FLM) doesn't own the properties showed by the vlogger on his Facebook and YouTube Channel which has more than a million followers and subscribers. The mansion in Greenmeadows subdivision and the luxury cars he was using is not even under his name.

Vinerify namin, hindi naman sa kanya ‘yun, in fact hindi siya ‘yung umuupa doon, tapos ‘yung sinasabi niya na bahay niya, yung pinapakita niya sa social media, hindi sa kanya ‘yung sa Quezon City,” he said.

Yung mga sasakyan hindi sa kanya, pati yung office na ginagamit hindi rin sa kanya, hindi sa negosyo niya, hindi under his name,” he added.

The said properties were first shown by Marcos when he brought the ‘Mayaman Challenge’ inside Greenmeadows, a super-exclusive subdivision in Quezon City.

Some critics of Francis Leo Marcos already claimed in the past that the controversial internet sensation was only borrowning the mansion and his luxury cars from a well-known Filipino-Chinese businessman.

The NBI also hinted that the legal battle of FLM could last for a long time based upon the initial investigation conducted by the authorities.

Aside from violation of Optometry Law, Human Trafficking, and RA9262, the businessman could also face charges for using a fake passport, inciting to sedition, falsification of documents, and using bouncing checks.

Lorenzo said that they’re already coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs to look at how Mangusin got a passport using the name ‘Francis Leo Marcos.’

The NBI chief said that falsification of documents and violating the passport law could be filed as separate charges against Marcos.

NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo also revealed that some individuals are already planning to file charges against Francis Leo Marcos for using bouncing checks and also estafa charges. One of Marcos complainants even claimed that FLM owed him P7 million.

Francis Leo Marcos was put under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation on May 19, 2020, after the law enforcerrs discovered a bunch of old warrants against the controversial Marcos.

Watch the Interview with Erwin Tulfo:

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