Jimmy Bondoc Explains the Truth About the Controversial POGO

Former entert ainer-turned-government official, Jimmy Bondoc who now worked with PAGCOR, in the social responsibility department explained the truth about the controversial POGO operations in the Philippines.

According to Jimmy Bondoc, the problem with the POGO issue is that it is about gambling, and we have been pre-conditioned to think about gam***ng as evil and it is indeed a proven fact. The only question is how do you stop it, the answer has always been: No, it is unstoppable, because people can gam*** anywhere, the next question is, should it be regulated?

The veteran entertainer, explained that by law, our country, has decided to regulate it. That's the reason why there is PAGCOR. He also explained that gam***ng is better regulated instead of left to the hands of the black market, at least there are taxes.

The popular entertainer explained ther eal job of PAGCOR, which is a corporation under the Philippine government and through an executive order issued last 2017, regulating offshore gaming or POGO operations in the country. In a nutshell it is an online gamb***ng but not accessible to our fellow Filipinos because all the players were foreigners and run by foreign companies, just like what we have with the call center companies.

Jimmy Bondoc also revealed that onine gaming have been in operation for the past 10 years but the government only received a mer P2.7 billion when compared to the operations of POGO under PAGCOR, they already remitted about P3.9 billion in just one year of operation.

Read the Complete Explanations of Jimmy Bondoc:

The problem with the POGO issue is that it is about gambling, and we have been pre-conditioned to think about gambling as evil.

Totoo naman na madaming masamang epekto ang gambling. The only question is: how do you stop it? That is a question as old as time.

So far, the answer has always been: No, it is unstoppable. Because people can gamble anywhere. So the next question is: should it be regulated?

By law, our country has decided to regulate it. Kaya po may PAGCOR.

Napakahirap na issue, but most pragmatic people have come to realize that gambling is better regulated instead of left to the hands of the black market. At least, may taxes.

I work for PAGCOR, sa social responsibility department. Kami po ang nagbibigay ng financial assistance. Sa budget din namin nanggagaling ang pagpapatayo ng mga eskwela, evacuation centers, at iba pa.

Very soon, sa amin din po manggagaling ang malaking bahagi ng pondo para sa Universal Health Care.

Sorry kalat-kalat ang message ko. I am just typing this as I go. This is not a pre-planned post or whatever. I just want to share a personal view.

PAGCOR is a corporation. Therefore, wala naman itong "feelings." It is not for or against gambling in general. It is a juridical entity that simply follows its mandate.

By an executive order noong 2017, ipina-regulate sa PAGCOR ang offshore gaming (POGO). That is the only reason why we are in charge of it - it is by a lawful order.


So bakit ako nagpo-post? Is it to defend POGO (online gaming)?

Ano ba ang POGO kasi muna?

In a nutshell, online gambling yan, PERO HINDI ACCESSIBLE NG KAPWA PILIPINO.
Puro banyaga lang ang pwede maglaro dyan.

They are run by foreign companies. Pero ang ibang services na kailangan nila, dito nila ina-outsource. Parang call center, to be clear.

Sa PAGCOR ba nagsimula ang POGO?
Sobrang hindi. Sobrang No.

Matagal na may online gaming. We all know that everything will be digital soon. Gambling is no different.

Ano ang difference?

Well, dati, for about 10 years, a total of 2.7 Billion pesos lang ang na-remit sa government ng mga POGO.

Pero sa UNANG YEAR na hinawakan ng PAGCOR ang POGO, 3.9 Billion agad IN ONE YEAR, not ten, ang kinita ng Pilipinas.

Does that mean JUSTIFIED na ang masasamang epekto ng POGO?

Pero bago pa lang kasi ang pagregulate natin sa POGO. It is NEW.
Bagong utos pa lang sa PAGCOR iyan.
Kaya inaayos pa.

I remember a time na dinumog tayo ng Koreans. Sa village namin sa Baguio, wala nang makagamit ng clubhouse kasi ginawa nang skwela ng Koreans. Pero... bakit walang ganitong level ng reklamo?

Sa Angeles, aside from Koreans, ang daming Kano na nagdagsaan din dyan. The prostitution issue has led to so many other issues, crimes, etc.

Even the VFA issue in the high profile case of Jennifer Laude was a product of the "occupation" by the american soldiers.

Wala namang ganitong angal. Why now?

Well, my personal comment is - matindi ang labanan ng US at China ngayon. And we are the apple of their eye, because we are so beautiful and desirable. Sa totoo lang.
Palagay ko, PALAGAY KO LANG HA, nagsisiraan lang talaga ang dalawa nating manliligaw.


Madaming Chinese. Totoo yan. It may be causing social displacement.
But that doesn't mean we are not addressing it. As regulator, ang dami nang solusyon tulad ng paggawa ng pogo hubs sa medyo malayu-layong lugar para sa ating mga kapatid na chinese workers. That will soon take effect.

It make affect the real estate boom, but let the cards fall as they may. Let the market forces rule.

National security.
To date, we have absolutely zero reports on espionage or threats of terrorism-related movements as regards the Chinese POGO workers. Hindi ko alam sa high intel ng mga boss natin. But at our level? Wala. ZERO reports.

There was a number floated na may 733 fugitives daw na nag-work dito. But this is misleading. "Fugitives" sila kasi bawal ang gambling sa China, kaya pag work nila sa POGO, declared bigla sila na fugitive. Pero hindi sila fugitive nung dumating dito.
Ang itsura kasi, para bagang nagpupunta dito ang mga kriminal at basag-ulo nila. E hindi naman.

Besides, gone are the days where foot soldiers were used as spies! Walangya, uso pa ba yun? E maligo ka lang sa garden hose, makikita ka na ng google maps.


Bago pala yan?
Around our office, my heart bleeds almost daily when I see foreigners, honestly often mga puti, with 2 seemingly minor girls, one on each arm. But what can an ordinary man like me do?
Besides, prostitution has been decriminalized in our country, kaya mas humirap siguro ang issue.

Of course, we have to urge our enforcers to protect our women. OF COURSE. But let's be clear naman as to which agencies we should urge. To be clear, it isn't pagcor. How could it be pagcor? Wala ngang power si pagcor pasukin ang illegal pogo!

Nakakagulat ba? Totoo.
Sadly, wala po.
The pagcor charter does not provide for enforcement powers. Kaya ang role ni pagcor ay mag entice sa illegal operators na maging LEGAL na lang. Para at least, makabuti pa sa bayan ang fees.

Unpaid taxes?
Please ask your friendly neighborhood Lawyer about Foreign Corporations and the "Situs of Taxation." Paki na lang po.

Dali! Ask niyo. Maliliwanagan po kayo sa sagot.

TOO MANY ISSUES. But I assure you that most, if not all, have valid answers and solutions.

BOTTOMLINE: regulation is hard. Especially of gambling. It is a dirty job, but some agency has to do it.

I did NOT join pagcor to be a protector or promoter of gaming. That was never my dream. Like I said, I will do my part in transforming this grey money into GOLD for our nation. And so far, our Chairman has done exactly that.

Ang pera na galing sa alanganin at maselan na katotohanan ng buhay ay ginagamit niya para makatulong sa Pinas.

I wish our bosses and our legislators could see this issue from where we stand. Talagang utusan lang naman ang ahensya namin.

And if u only knew what I know now, you would see how BIG a difference our earnings make, including that from POGO.

Hindi pa ito perfect, it has barely been 3 years. Remember: It was unregulated for so long.

To be clear: wala akong paki sa gaming. If our bosses decide na itigil yan, why would I be affected? Buti nga e. Mababawasan ang stressful appearances ko sa Congress. Nakaka-stress kaya dun.

But where will the operators go? Balik- underground?
Will the Chinese that the racists hate so much disappear?
Mawawala ba ang prostitution?

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF. Yun lang po. Please don't just believe me if you are my follower, or just doubt me because you're my hater.

I am asking you to make an independent consideration of the pros and cons of the matter. Because truth be told, sa tingin ko, MADAMING MAWAWALAN kapag nawala sa gobyerno ang pogo at bumalik ito sa illegal.

Think for yourself, apart from the politicization of the issue. I know it just seems like it's about gambling. But in essence, it is actually about Police Power.

In the end, we have to choose as a nation. One vote. Ano ba talaga?
Should we or should we not regulate gambling?

I hope you think about that the next time you find yourself watching beautiful plays at Solaire, eating dinner at City of Dreams, or simply enjoying a light game of bingo.

One nation, one vote dapat.
Go or no go.

Basta ako, I believe that this horrible, thankless job is being handled most beautifully by our Chairman.
She and the current board are doing their best to simpy comply with the order to regulate this grey reality.
Ask your friends who have connections. This agency is in the right hands now.

Sana maka-decide na ang bayan.
We have made everything political, and now,
everyone is afraid of everything.
That is the world we live in now.

Pag may nahanap kayong corruption re POGO within PAGCOR, and you trust me enough, i-report niyo sa akin. Ako pa mismo ang lalaban para sa inyo, for the sake of truth.
I give you my word, mga kapatid.

Source: Jimmy Bondoc FB Page

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