Must Watch: SolGen Jose Calida Burns ABS-CBN Reporter "Lagi Mo Akong Binabanatan"

Solicitor General Jose Calida confronted and burned down a reporter of ABS-CBN as he told the reporter "Lagi mo akong binabanatan. Abogado ka rin pala e."

The Solicitor General file a quo warranto petition before the Supreme Court to revoke the network's franchise of the country's largest TV Network.

The reporter was identified as Mike Navallo, a reporter who covers the justice beat for ABS-CBN. He approached SolGen Calida together with other journalists to ask for a copy of the quo warranto petition against the network.

SolGen Calida asked him "You're a lawyer? You're from Cagayan de Oro?" Calida asked the reporter.

"Surigao, why sir?" Navallo asked.

Watch the Video Confrontation Between Calida & ABS-CBN Reporter:

"Because I'm also from Mindanao," SolGen Calida said, he is from Davao City, the city where the Duterte Family dominated the political scene.

SolGen Calida then told Navallo: "Lagi mo akong binabanatan. Abogado ka rin pala e." He even challenged the reporter to just practice his profession as a lawyer and they might see each other in court.

ABS-CBN Reporter Mark Navallo reported last year that despite MalacaƱang's denial, Calida's office was involved in drafting the affidavit of a certain Peter Joemel Advincula alias Bikoy, who accused members of the opposition of sedition.

Source: ABS-CBN / YouTube