Blogger Says Best Revenge vs. Dilawans is to Vote Another Duterte for President in 2022

A concerned netizen and prominent blogger Eric Clark Su made an interesting comments against the Dilawans or the supporters of the Liberal Party on how can the DDS fight against them by simply voting for another Duterte in 2022.

According to the DDS Blogger the best revenge versus Dilawans for subjeting us with their idiocy on every issue is to vote or Sara Duterte for President in 2022.

This is the only revenge that the supporters o Pres. Rody Duterte can do to extend the sufferings of the critics of the President is to vote for another Duterte in the highly anticipated 2022 national and local election.

Eric Clark Su posted the following statement on Facebook:

"The only revenge we can do against Anti-Dutertes or subjecting us to their idiocy on every issue is to vote for another Duterte in 2022 and extend their suffering for another six years. Nothing else is sweeter."

The statement made by the DDS Blogger caught the attentions of some netizens as it went viral among the DDS fans, garnering more than 2,000 reactions, 154 comments and 994 shares on Facebook and still counting.

Read Some Comments by the Supporters of the President:

Rai Ong Gloria: Agree! This way, they will have almost 100% chance of having a mental breakdown. Imagine, they are now nearing the state of dementia for they can't even figure out yet what went wrong in the last presidential election. More so, if they'll see another Duterte rise in power for the next 6 years succeeding her father.

Rodolfo Oping: Te What a sweet experience..lets convince her to satisfy the wanting hearts and the cry for sustainable devt..

Ghie Hernandez: No,not yet..mas masakit s ego nla ang isang Marcos so BBM2022 muna to prolong the agony and another 6 yrs for Sara 2028...

Norman Gonzales: A Marcos as her VP will be much worse for them. It's like adding salt to their wounds...

Regie Magsakay: If BBM will file his candidacy in 2022 and win as President of the Republic of the Philippines, magpapakamatay na lahat ng mga dilawan.

Christopher De Guzman Galinato: Hahaha.. baka matuluyan na sila maatake nyan..kasi cmula nong umupo ang pangulo araw araw nang inaatake ng sakit sa puso ang mga tae..

Benigno Basilio: kapag ang smartmatic di na alis diyan sa Comelec, siguradong di mananalo ai Marcos. controlado nila (Mga dilawan) ang comelec. kung di kayo dilawan kailangan patanggal ni Duterte ang smaetmatic para parehas ang laban

Source: Eric Clark Su FB Page