Pres. Duterte Threatens MVP & Fernando Zobel de Ayala to Face Estafa or Plunder

The tough-talking President of the Republic, Pres. Rody Duterte threatened once again two of the country's richest individuals, Maynila owner tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan and Manila Water top gun Fernando Zobel de Ayala for syndicated estafa or plunder and have them arrested.

The President made the pronouncements during a speech he delivered when he visited the earthquake-affected evacuees of Cotabato at the M’lang National High School in Cotabato due to the lopsided deals between Maynilad, Manila Water and the government which the President branded as rip-offs.

“Some members of Cabinet suggested a renegotiation but I told them there is nothing to negotiate in a contract that is null and void from the very beginning,” he noted.

“In that contract, the Philippines agreed to waive sovereignty, you cannot do that,” according to the President.

“Even the taxes, they passed on to consumers. That’s a rip-off,” the livid President said.

Mr. Duterte once again lambasted water concessionaires Maynilad and Manila Water for the onerous water deal with the government.

“I will order the military to take over. Stop the abuses, I will expropriate it,” the President warned.

Pres. Duterte also noted during his speech that since the Filipino people are asking about the big fish and corrupt officials he will deliver Ayala and Pangilinan and if these people make a mistake, he will surely have them arrested.

"Since you are asking where is the big fish? where are the corrupt officials? I will deliver them to you, who are (Fernando Zobel de) Ayala and (Manuel V.) Pangilinan. If these fools make a mistake, I will surely have them arrested,” President Duterte noted.

“As you can see, whatever insult I throw at them, they are not answering. I am sure, swak sila (they’re both in the bag). Syndicated estafa,” he added.

In his speech, President Duterte told the crowd that even though Ayala and Pangilinan are just distributors of water in the west and east zones of Metro Manila and nearby areas, they act as if they own the water resources.

“You know what the fools do? They are mere distributors and as it turned out, they now are among the richest. In the contract signed, water is just a commodity. It is not a part of the natural resource of the country. Which is really a crooked way of interpreting a constitution,” the President said.

According to Pres. Duterte since the year 1997, both Maynilad and Manilaw Water collect in its water billing environment enhancement chares for the building of water treatment facilities.

However, despite collecting the fees through the monthly bills which already runs to trillions of pesos, no water treatment facility has been built by the water concessionaires.

Source: The Daily Tribune

Pres. Duterte Threatens MVP & Fernando Zobel de Ayala to Face Estafa or Plunder Pres. Duterte Threatens MVP & Fernando Zobel de Ayala to Face Estafa or Plunder Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 02, 2020 Rating: 5
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