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Police Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido Gives Ultimatum in Bacolod, Surrender or Face Death

Renowned cop, Police Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido gives an ultimatum to all the drug related personalities in Bacolod City to surrender themselves at the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) and report whoever their protector on alleged operations within the city and even the province of Negros Occidental .

According to Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido, who now served as Deputy City Director for Operations of the BCPO, he will still give some chances until January 31, to all personalities who were allegedly involved in illegal activities in the city, or even contact him personally to surrender or else they will face danger.

Espenido also added that, these personalities could also accompany with them their witness such as the media during their surrender so that the perceptions of everybody in the city will also change.

According to Lt. Col. Espenido all he wanted to know are the persons behind all the illegal drug operations in Bacolod City, so that he could also start his anti-illegal drugs operations in the city where he was assigned right now.

The popular cop who made headlines earlier for the capture of prominent drug lord, Mayor Espinosa and the notorious death of Ozamiz City Mayor Parojinog, wanted to emphasize that as long as he can do he will try avoid any casualties among his opponents, because we have only one life, so its better to surrender.

Police Lt. Col. Espenido also explained to the media in Bacolod City that his order of business and operations is now larger, because his men could now operate the entire province of Negros Island, Iloilo, Cebu, Aklan and even Ozamiz City.

Espenido believed that the truth shall prevail on his war against illegal drugs because he is on the right side of the fence and the government under the Duterte administration is now doing all the support the PNP needs and God never sleeps, so they will be successful on their operations.

Col. Espenido who is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church also noted that he also believed in God who will surely guide him on his endeavor and even during the time when the involved personalities will not cooperate with them.

Watch an Alleged Biased Report from Rappler:

Source: Facebook / Radyo Bandera

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