Australia Continues to Burn Victimizing 500 Million Animals

The Land Down Under, Australia, one of the world's fastest growing economies, continued to burn victimizing an estimated 500 million animals being killed and forcing residents to fleeing their homes for safety.

According to the initial reports by various international news agencies, at least 15 people lost their lives due to the bush fires affecting major regions in Australia.

For the past few weeks the fires have been a constant presence in Australia according to reports, but some eerie images that emerged on social media cast the in a new light, and seemed to be a harbinger for the new decade that the country rang in hours later.

The smoke was so heavy in various parts of Australia, it even drifted over to neighboring New Zealand, 1,300 miles away, who woke up to a blood-red sun on New Year's Day.

There is also an existence of what they called as fire tornado. The fires have been so fierce that they have created their own weather systems.

Last Monday night, a volunteer firefighter died after a phenomenon called a fire tornado — turbulence caused by extreme rising heat — in New South Wales caused a 10-ton fire truck to roll over.

On Saturday morning, January 4, 2020 there were 72 bush fires still raging, including 18 out-of-control ones and six at warning level.

According to some weather experts, the winter in Australia is still months away, so they badly needed rains to stop the bush fires and residents are hoping they may come soon.

The Philippine government already issued a statement through the Department of Foreign Affairs urging Filipinos in Australia to be careful with the said weather disturbance and stay safe all the time.

Some of Photos of Australian Fires:

Source: CNN / PNA / GMA News

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