Watch: Proof that Pres. Duterte Suggests Revolutionary Government

There are some reports that the tough-talking President of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte did not propose the establishment of a revolutionary government but based upon the video presented by Mr. Riyoh, the President indeed suggests for the establishment of a revolutionary government in the country.

Pres. Rody Duterte said he prefers the installation of a revolutionary government rather than to declare Martial Law or support a military-led coup if he cannot complete his six-year term.

During a speech with some media, the President was quoted as saying "You know, I said if I do not make it, huwag ninyong bitawan ito (Do not drop this). I’m not saying you initiate something like coup d’├ętat. Huwag, kasi hindi na ‘yan tanggap ng Pilipino, eh (Don’t do that because Filipinos don’t accept that anymore),” he said at the oath-taking ceremony of newly promoted fire, jail, and coast guard officials in Malaca├▒ang.

“If you want an outright…huwag martial law (not martial law). Mag-revolutionary government ka na lang. Diretso na. (It’s better to install a revolutionary government. It’s direct.) Tapos (then) you start to correct everything,” he added.

Watch the Video of Pres. Duterte:

The statement of the President about the Revolutionary Government came out or made the remarks after discussing anew his resolve to run after those behind the controversial water concession deals.

Pres. Duterte raised the possible expropriation of water operations from Manila Water Co., Inc. and Maynilad Water Services, Inc. if he is not satisfied with their explanations about the alleged onerous provisions in the agreements.

This is not the first time that the term Revolutionary Government surfaced on social and mainstream media because even during the earlier part of the Duterte administration there are some loyal supporters of the President who proposed for the possibility of Revolutionary Government installations.

Source: Facebook / Manila Bulletin

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