U2 Flashed Maria Ressa's Face During Concert, Met with Loud Boos & Some Walked Out

One of the world's most popular band U2 made some headlines on social media not because of their popularity but because of their political statement as they flashed Maria Ressa's face during their concert, and was met with loud boos and some fans even walked out from the concert hall.

Blogger Krizette Laureta Chu also slammed U2's concert at the Mall of Asia Arena as she said that during U2's concert, the band headed by Bono dedicates a song to the women in the world.

During the said said, U2 flashes Maria Ressa on screen. She then wonder about the audience possible reception and reaction.

According to Chu, if she was present she would've booed very loudly and if somebody calls her out while booing, she will surely pick a fight before getting thrown out.

"U2's concert. Dedicates a song to the women in the world. Flashes on screen. I wonder what the audience reception is. I would've booed very loudly. But that's because I don't have any dainty in my boy. If somebody calls me out while booing I'll pick a fight then I'll get thrown out."

Krizette Chu also added that maybe Bono's destiny is to be with Maria Ressa, the Rappler CEO who have been accused by many netizens as peddler of fake news in the Philippines. She is the one who claimed that reporting in the Philippines is like reporting in a war zone.

The prominent blogger, Krizette Chu noted that if she's inside the concert hall, she will surely walked out and she also hoped that people in the Philippines should tweet Bono their reaction.

Read Some Confirmations About U2 Fans Showing Disappointment:

Randy Velasco: I booooed!!! Then went out the arena and go home.

햐비베: I am still here inside Philippine Arena feeling disappointed. At first okay pa, naeenjoy ko pa ung music hanggang sa tinulugan ko na lang tas feel na feel mo ung energy ng crowd pababa ng pababa dahil sa mga cnasabi ni Bono at sa mga finaflash sa screen. Minention pa talaga nya c Maria Ressa

Kezia Chretien Romblon I booed! He mentioned her quite a number of times though. Wish he didn't, the show was going so well, and then.

Kezia Chretien Romblon Agree! I had mixed feelings about them, I thought there are other people who deserve the recognition. I would have loved to see the late Miriam Defensor- Santiago there, or acknowledging the journalists we lost at the Maguindanao massacre would've been more sincere. That whole Maria Ressa thing just ruined the night.

Corazon Medina It would be nice if someone actually had a video of the reaction of the audience when he was mentioning those people in the screen . Teka, libre ba etong concert? Meaning I have to spend money and be shown this shit!oh Bono ! You are a has been artist.

Liao Ting Ting Madam..we walked out of the concert when we heard.maria.ressa! Ay potangina!!! Di pede yan!

Gin Durano-Delcourt Buti nalang in the other side of the country may Black Eyed Peas na subrang proud sa mga Filipinos.


Ibo Mae Nah...Bono,sorry idol kita since 1989....pero dahil u dipped ur finger on matters you dnt know at first.Matanda na ko....i can forget bout u,i love my president.Buti di ako nagsayang ng pera makita ka lang.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB Page

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