Netizen Chides Local Press for Biased SEA Games Reporting, Envies How Malaysia's Press Handled Glitches in 2017

A concerned netizen and prominent blogger is now making the rounds on social media after she noticed how the mainstream media in the Philippines sensationalized some of the mistakes committed by the organizers of the 2019 SEA Games.

According to Manila Bulletin writer and prominent pro-Duterte blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu, she envies how Malaysia's press remained positive despite major glitches in the 2017 edition of the SEA Games hosted by Malaysia.

Krizette Chu also chided the local press for blowing things out of proportion and even asked her fellow netizens if they noticed how the local media in the country have been obsessed in reporting the early foul ups, the negtive experiences of visiting foreign athletes and their entourage.

The veteran blogger lamented the obsession of the local media in the country on their focus on writing the negative things about the Philippine hosting of the biennial meet.

Krizette Chu cannot help but compare the Malaysian press versus the Philippine press especially their manner of reporting glitches encountered by the host of the SEA Games 2019.

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Chu:

I’ve been reading up on the problems and issues that could face any host country which has to accommodate thousands of athletes in a multinational event. (Oo, ganyan ako wala akong life.)

Nainggit ako sa Malaysia which hosted the last SEA Games and how their press and people remained positive despite more major glitches than what we’ve had.

In the PH, so far (knock on wood pwera usog), we’ve had problems like not ready rooms and late pickups and guests who don’t like our food. But you know, we are blowing things out of proportion.

Example, this is the headline of a Malaysian paper: “A few problems to be fixed, but good SEA Games so far, says organizers.”

Yung few problems nila na for sure kung sa atin nangyari eh mas grabe ang reaction:

1. 16 athletes food poisoned, one swimmer couldn’t make the game

2. They printed Indonesia flag baliktad in the booklet. Nagalit ang Indonesia, and took to social media to complain, then the Indonesians hacked 20 Malaysian websites. Then these Indonesias had protest in many cities and burned replicas of Malaysian flags

3. Two Myanmar supporters were beaten up by Malaysians after a match, then separately, Malaysians picked a fight with Singapore calling them dogs.

And yet there was no condemnation by its own citizens.

Nakikita nyo na how competitive other countries can be sa sports? That’s why kahit mali ang government nila they still rally behind their own government. We don’t even realize this because we only know basketball in this country and so do not appreciate the value of being competitive against other countries.

Kulang talaga tayo sa nationalism at patriotism—and this is the bottomline as to why many Filipinos are like this. Our problems are minute as to what Malaysia had to contend with as they kicked off their SEA Games Pero with the way our OWN media and our OWN fellow citizens are reacting, akala mo mas importante ang feelings nila kesa sa morale of our own athletes.

Gusto nyo yon, yung coaches na ng ibang countries ang nagsasabi ng “IT’s NOT A BIG DEAL.” Tayo: “AY HINDI BIG DEAL YAN. This event is a total failure.”


Magagalit na naman ang mga Yellows sa akin every time I try to put things into perspective. What’s up bitches, good morning.

Source: Krizette Chu FB Page

Netizen Chides Local Press for Biased SEA Games Reporting, Envies How Malaysia's Press Handled Glitches in 2017 Netizen Chides Local Press for Biased SEA Games Reporting, Envies How Malaysia's Press Handled Glitches in 2017 Reviewed by PhilNewsXYZ on November 25, 2019 Rating: 5
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