Watch: Tribal Leader Gives 72 Hours to Duterte Admin to Resume Kapa Operation Because of Tribal Laws

A controversial and alleged Lumad Leader who claimed to be judge, Fulong Douglas Mangcal of Blaan tribal group challenges the government to present evidence that they have jurisdiction over a tribal chieftain and gives 72 hours to the Duterte to answer their inquiry and if they failed, Kapa should resume its operations.

According to Judge Mangcal, Pastor Joel Apolinario is a Datu of the Kamayu Tribe in Bislig, Surigao Del Norte. After the death of Apolinario's father he was declared as the Datu or the chieftain of his tribe and was named as Datu Mamahandi.

The tribal leader claimed that all the Datus are united to implement the Republic Act 8371 for the welfare of all the indigenous people in the Philippines. The law is also under international law according to the explanations of the tribal leader.

Watch the Video of a Tribal Leader Defending Pastor Joel:

The law was approved way back 1997, the said law is also known as the Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act (IPRA) Law.

The IPRA Law is aims to recognize, protect and promote the rights of indigenous cultural communities/indigenous peoples, within the framework of national unity and development.

The Kapa supporter and tribal leader claimed that Pastor Joel Apolinario is a tribal leader or Datu that the Regional Trial Court (RTC) has no jurisdiction over Pastor Joel because he is a Datu and a tribal leader therefore he should be tried under customary laws of the indigenous people.

In Lumad laws the verbal statement had more weight when judging which is contrary to the Civil Laws of the Philippines wherein the written statement are more powerful compared to the verbal statement.

The real name of controversial tribal leader is Vicente V. Gonzales Jr. with tribal code name as Datu Buntito Leon Kilat.

Source: YouTube