Must Watch: Sen. Trillanes Admits Meeting Advincula Alias Bikoy

Outgoing controversial lawmaker, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV admitted during a privilege speech that he met Peter Joemel Advincula alias Bikoy but denied all allegations that he was the brains behind the series of videos against Pres. Rody Duterte and some members of the first family.

According to Sen. Trillanes he met Advincula last August, with the assistance of some priests, seeking "sanctuary" as syndicates involved in illegal drugs were supposedly out to liquidate him.

The senator recalled having listened to Alias Bikoy, but the information presented by Advincula was confusing and lacking details, prompting him to set it aside and just forget about it.

Watch How Sen. Trillanes Admits Meeting Bikoy:

Trillanes noted that the following months, he became busy holding press conference to inform the public about his arrest, which he said was an order from the President. During those days, the senator said he never mentioned even a hint about Advincula.

The controversial senator and most vocal critic of Pres. Duterte revealed further that last May 6, Advincula came out and some members of the Senate Minorty block asked whether there is a need to file a resolution asking the Senate to investigate his allegations.

As a matter of practice, prospective whistle-blowers were subjected to vetting which was not done to Advincula, according to the senator.

"I myself told my fellows to postpone filing a resolution and instead wait for Bikoy to release more evidence to prove his allegations. Precisely because I still have some reservations regarding his revelations. My fellow members of the minority can attest to this fact," Trillanes said, adding that Advincula’s effort to link him to the movement to oust Duterte was not new.

Source: Facebook / PNA / Senate

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