DDS Blogger Reveals Reasons Why She's Disappointed with Mayor Sara Endorsing Revilla as Senator

A concerned netizen and veteran Pro-Duterte blogger with some following on social media, Krizette Laureta Chu revealed her disappointment with Mayor Sara Duterte and Hugpong ng Pagbabago for endorsing controversial senator Bong Revilla on their senatorial slate.

According to Krizette Chu, she felt disappointed upon seeing the photo of Bong Revilla who is aggressively being pushed by the younger Duterte to run again as senator under the Hugpong ng Pagbabago ticket.

The veteran blogger stated that one of her heartbreak from her support of Duterte is his alliance with the Marcoses but later she accepted cerebrally because Imee Marcos supported Pres. Rody Duterte when no one else in Ilocandia supports the former Mayor but speaking of Revilla, she's seriously going to be disappointed.

Here's the Complete Statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:

If I have one heartbreak from my support of Duterte, it's his alliance with the Marcoses (which I later accepted cerebrally, because Imee Marcos supported him when no one else did, and he needed Ilocandia. Cerebrally, and as long as he doesn't mediate in any Sandiganbayan case.$

But this FUCKING GUY... If Duterte aggressively pushes for Bong Revilla (is he running, and for what?), I am seriously going to be disappointed (he doesn't care, right?) Pero sarap patirin ng Bong Revilla na yan.


He has nothing to offer the Dutertes. NOTHING.

Every time I see Sara backing the most trapo of trapos, it kills me a little every day.
For me she's the big hope of 2022, and seeing her colluding with the Romualdezes of Leyte (the Congressman and that environment killer/kadiri Yedda), the Revillas (look at her in this pic), the Estradas, it's painful.

Kasi sige, gets, kailangan mo yung Marcoses kasi Ilocos power, pero ano ma ooffer sayo ng Revillas at Estradas eh sila mismo have diminished their hold in their own baluartes? By propping them up, it's the Dutertes lending legitimacy to them and not the other way around.

Sara please be more discriminate in your quest to centralize power and gather support, or you will find that you have distributed your political capital, nothing much will be left with you. Please naman. Wala na kaming ibang pag asa kun di ikaw, bat pa trapo ka nang patrapo?

(Oh and if youre pro Duterte like me and disappointed I feel this way, I dont really care. Wag na kayo mag paalam nang unfollow.)

Why do these politicians spend 100 million pesos for a 100,000 peso a month job? This FUCKING system needs to change talaga. This will
not happen at this level in a parliamentary system.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB Page

DDS Blogger Reveals Reasons Why She's Disappointed with Mayor Sara Endorsing Revilla as Senator DDS Blogger Reveals Reasons Why She's Disappointed with Mayor Sara Endorsing Revilla as Senator Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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