Married OFW Who Had Relationship with Engineer in Saudi Deported Already (Videos)

The controversial married Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who went viral on social media for the past few days after she admitted that she had a relationship with fellow OFW and Engineer in Saudi Arabia has been deported back to the Philippines.

Sheerlyn Gerasta, the controversial married OFW, mother of 5 children came back to the Philippines several days after she told the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the public service program "Raffy Tulfo in Action" that she's ready to get deported after she chose her current boyfriend, Edwin Madredio, who's an engineer in Saudi than her husband who worked as a tricycle driver.

OWWA Deputy Administrator Arnell Ignacio, who earlier vowed to hunt down the controversial married OFW having an affair in Saudi with an engineer boyfriend, personally went to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to meet the latter who immediately hugged him while crying.

Watch the Arrival of Sheerlyn Gerasta:

According to Arnell Ignacio, the deported OFW, Sheerlyn Gerasta would be a guest in the radio program of Raffy Tulfo to face her husband Charlie Lozada and 5 children who came first to renown broadcaster to complain about the alleged adultery committed by the controversial OFW.

The OWWA Deputy Administrator pointed out that they prioritized Gerasta to go back to the Philippines because her child wanted to see her personally. "We will also hear her side," Ignacio said.

During the travel of Gerasta and Ignacio on their way to OWWA Headquarters, the controversial OFW explained that she doesn't like her husband anymore because of being 'obsessed' with her. She also clarified that she didn't meet Edwin personally and they're only chatting via social media.

Arnell Ignacio received a tremendous amount of praise from the netizens for his quick action against Sheerly Gerasta. During the past few days, Ignacio warned Sheerlyn about the consequences of insisting her wrongdoings abroad at the same time, he vowed to use all of his connections to find the OFW.

Watch Gerasta & Ignacio on their Way to OWWA:

“Kaya ang mga OFW natin nasisira dahil sa mga kalokohan na yan, maghahamon pa ng deportation? Alam ba nila ang parusa sa asawa na nakikipag relasyon pa sa iba?” Ignacio said.

“Ngayon palang tatawag ako doon, ipapahanap ko yang dalawang yan at sa dami ng kaibigan ko doon, hihingan ko ng tulong lahat yon, silang dalawa ang mawawalan ng karapatan.. maghihirap sila,” he added.

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