Joaquin Montes Dismissed from Ateneo for Bullying Incident

The controversial Ateneo High School bully, Joaquin Montes was reportedly dismissed from his school after the President of Ateneo de Manila University released the decision regarding the bullying incident happened inside the campus.

In a viral Memo addressed to the University Community of the Ateneo De Manila University, ADMU President Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ, wrote the decision on bullying incident at the Junior High School.

According to President Villarin, after a thorough investigation that included listening to all parties involved, the decision of the administration is to impoose the penalty of DISMISSAL on the student caught on bullying another student in the comfort room of the school.

The decision of ADMU means that Joaquin Montes is no longer allowed to come back to Ateneo after Pres. Jose Ramon Villarin have spoken to the parents of both students about this decision and have offered the families continued support to help them overcome the difficult time.

The Ateneo administration also noted that they are continuing the investigation as there are other matters involved in the incident.

The prominent education institution also made clear about their stand against bullying. There are already policies and processes codified in the Student Handbook, all in accord with existing legislation, but the school still need to ensure these policies and processes as well as the values they promote are internalized by all members of the community.

Here's the Complete Memo Allegedly Released by Ateneo:

Source: Facebook 

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