Netizens Slams ABS-CBN for Alleged Biased Reporting About the SWAT & Navy SEALS

Netizens slams ABS-CBN for their controversial social media post featuring members of the elite SWAT and Navy SEALS who were spotted in Boracay. Concerned netizens called out the attentions of ABS-CBN for their misleading social media post.

ABS-CBN posted a photo showing PNP SWAT and Navy SEALS in Boracay with a caption "NOW: PNP SWAT on shore and Navy SEALS in the water rescue hostages held by terrorists." via raffsantos with the hashtag #BoracayReopening.

According to some netizens, the news article on social media posted by ABS-CBN is indeed biased and misleading because there is no mention of any simulation exercise conducted by the PNP SWAT and the Navy SEALS in Boracay.

Concerned netizen Albert Egot Jr. slammed ABS-CBN by posting a screen capture image of ABS-CBN's social media post and added the following caption:

"Bwesit talaga tong ABS-CBNnews ba. Simulation event lang ito, hindi sinali sa caption man lang to avoid misinterpretation? Kung di mo alam lalo na kung foreigner ka (because you would search about BORA na) itong headline will make you cringe dahil ang sabi aymay.... hostages held by terrorists sa reopening ng Boracay!

Pota, mas malala pa ito sa mga pinatanggal ng FB na Duterte fakenews pages eh! Yawa mo!"

Popular Facebook Page Mindavote also echoed the sentiments of some netizens as they lambasted ABS-CBN for their alleged biased reporting.

Mindavote stated, "Ang sarap talaga sampalin ng kung sino mang kumag na editor ng ABS-CBNnews ba. Para lang talaga guluhin ang magandang panimula ng Boracay." Mindavote said.

Here's Some of the Comments by Concerned Netizens:

Jerome Yutuc: ABC CBN is LP, they hate the success of Government. They want to make sure good things done by government will some how looks ugly for bad propaganda. Please No More ABS CBN, No More LP, No More Aquino.

Maria Cecilia Camba: Facebook please remove this account abscbn... They are posting iresponsable and Fake News.

Albert Egot Jr.: Remember, ABS has millions of followers than their reporters. Sana, gi copypaste nalang ang caption ni Raffy..Better pa unta.

Nerissa Arias Donato: ABS-CBN's franchise should not be renewed for the simple reason that it propagates fake news like this.

Source: Facebook

Netizens Slams ABS-CBN for Alleged Biased Reporting About the SWAT & Navy SEALS Netizens Slams ABS-CBN for Alleged Biased Reporting About the SWAT & Navy SEALS Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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