Netizens Reacts on Asec Mocha Uson's Resignation from PCOO

Netizens took to social media as they reacted on the latest news about the resignation of former PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, with most of netizens showing support to Uson resignation which is a sign of sacrifice for her part.

In a Facebook Post shared by MindaVote, the FB Page shared the statement of Uson as she stated "Sa mga bumabatikos sa akin, huwag kayong magkakamaling isipin na nanalo kayo. Hindi ito ang katapusan ng laban, umpisa pa lang ito ng gyera." MindaVote shared.

Netizen Bella Ong supported Asec Mocha Uson by saying "I value a person's integrity and sincerity. You cannot make judgement out of one's past, they have their reasons and if they tumble down, they got back up. I am no fan of Mocha Uson, but I admire her feistiness and resiliency to do what is right. She'l be a rising star in politics, just watch and see.. Hurricane Mocha coming your way." Bella Ong stated.

Sher Greys also added "sa wakas.. she made the right, she can do whatever she wants to defend the president on her blog." Greys stated.

Glenn Mark E. Camansi also commented by saying "The more na nacriticized si Mocha, the more na mas nagiging papular sya sa masa di ako magtataka na kapag tumakbo ito sa senado mauungusan nya pa sa pwesto si Bam Aquino #MochaSaSenado2019.

Here's Some of the Comments Posted on Social Media:

Eliza Espiritu: Pra mabaliw ng tuluyan ang mga dilawan MOCHA USON BLOG takbo k ng senador mananalo ka kc libre n ang advertisement mo s lahat ng mga dilawan media mlmang sisiraan k ng bonggang bongga at lalo k makikilala.... pra lalo sila mabwcet syo.

Joseph M. Solis: Million LIKES tayo sa we can show to the LP and to all her detractors she has Millions of supporters and she can win a Senatorial seat next election!

Drazen Ceniza: PCOO is nothing without Ms.Mocha. Never listened to the PCOO because they are so clunky in their delivery of information in real time. Whether that is by design or by shear imcompetence it doesn't matter. The PCOO and all their snakes can all go to hell.

Rey Aguilar: Sarah Duterte should now troll the dilawans BIGTIME by announcing Mocha as the First official Hugpong ng Pagbabago Senatorial Candidate.. Mocha could be the anti-dote for Risa Hontiveros sa senado - asar talo!

Source: MindaVote FB Page

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