Tribune Expose The Red October Plot's Similarities to Ouster Plot Against Marcos

One of the country's most trusted newspaper, The Daily Tribune presented on their latest commentary the similarities between the Red October plot against Pres. Duterte and the previous alleged successful attempts of the opposition against former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.

According to The Daily Tribune, in the parlance of the revolutionary movement, a catalyst is needed to speed up the attainment of its goal of social upheaval.

This is what happened in August 21, 1971 when a bomb exploded durign a miting de avance of the Liberal Party (LP), an incident that resulted in the protest actions against former Pres. Marcos to intensify.

The anarchy that resulted forced former Pres. Marcos to declare Martial Law more than a year later on September 21, 1972.

Right now, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is now using the same formula, with the help of the yellow mob which is desperate to oust Pres. Rody Duterte through any means, to force his hand into taking a drastic move such as a nationwide declaration of martial law.

The Daily Tribune exposed that based on the book written by former CPP member Dr. Mario Miclat "Secrets of the Eighteen Mansions: A Novel" Joma Sison was quoted as saying "“We will force Marcos to declare martial law. People will rise up in arms when he finally shows his fascist face.” Sison stated.

The book also cites a certain “Peter” an aide of Sison as telling him in October 1971 that “(the late Senator) Ninoy Aquino did not go to Plaza Miranda on the night of the bombing. Kumander Pusa phoned him.” Kumander Pusa is Dante Buscayno who hails from Tarlac and who was then a key figure in the CPP.

Back to the Red October Plot against Pres. Duterte, based on the information presented by the AFP, the coalition of anti-Duterte led by the CPP has designated next month as the start of the all-out campaign to remove Pres. Duterte from power. Despite the fact that the plot is too ambitious, it is envisioned that the people and consequently the military will go along with the conspiracy.

Gauging by the recent yellow rallies held, the plotters would be lucky if they can pull in 1,000 rallyists for their grand design. Rody has proven lately that he is miles ahead of his opponents, as he was able to made public the alliance among the CPP, the yellow mob and the Magdalo group of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

To know more about the commentary of The Daily Tribune just head on to the official website of The Daily Tribune.

Source: The Daily Tribune

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