Netizens Reacts on Mar Roxas Unsolicited Advice to Pres. Duterte to Solve the Country's Rice Problem

Former Interior Secretary and losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas posted an unsolicited advice to Pres. Rody Duterte through his official Facebook Page as he made some suggestions on how to solve the country's problem of high prices of rice.

According to Mar Roxas, the problem of rice is unusual with it's more than P50.00 per kilogram, and this problem will become huge due to the impact and damages brought about by Bagyong Ompong. The former Interior Secretary admitted that although he and Pres. Duterte were having some different insights on various problems but like all Filipinos, all we want is to solve the problem of rice.

Mar Roxas asked the President to consider some of his short-term, medium term and long term suggestions to solve the problem of the increasing prices of rice.

Here's the Complete Unsolicited Advice of Mar Roxas:

Dear President Duterte:

Matindi ang problema ng P50+/kg na bigas, at magiging mas matindi pa ito dahil sa damage ni Ompong.

Magkaiba paningin natin sa maraming bagay pero sa tingin ko lahat ng Pilipino gustong malutas ang problemang ito.
Kaya time out muna.

Please consider:

Only a massive and immediate additional supply of rice can bring down prices to affordable levels.

1. Instruct that Minimum Access Volume be increased to 1.5 million metric tons.

2. Remove the usual bs imposed by NFA so as to allow any and all in the private sector to import rice

3. Proactively ask Jollibee, McDo, Mang Inasal, SM, grocery, and supermarket chains, and all large users to independently source and import their own needs para di na sila makihati pa sa national stockpile.

In the short term this will:
a) provide a definite physical buffer
b) put a definite timeframe for when supply tightness will end
c) induce hoarders to release their stocks bago maiipit sila

Meanwhile, to ease the farmers plight, also consider adding all farmer families to the CCT program.

Medium term, additional steps include:

1. Repeal TRAIN as it pertains to fuel and other basic commodities
2. Promote industrialized farming so we increase capital investment (capex, technology, economies of scale) in agriculture.

Salamat po.

Despite the efforts of Mar Roxas to help the Duterte administration he still received negative comments and backlash from some netizens but there are supporters of Mar Roxas who lauded his actions of participating in the government's finding for solutions.

Here's Some of the Mixed Reactions on Mar Roxas Advice to Pres. Duterte:

Edith Gomez Candelaria: Oh my! Good advice but will he heed it, most probably not!
Sobrang believe sa sarili that he thinks there's nothing wrong with him.

Leah Garcia: Many thanks at some point despite of the criticism you got from this government you still managed to help or ways to help I hope they would listen for the sake of us Filipino who is struggling. I hope they can set aside politicking for now sobrang hirap na ng buhay po.
Salamat din po for speaking.

Reah Kb: Dear Mar Roxas, you and your yellow team always give unsolicited advice..those should have done during yr term as DIlG and Former PNoy Aquino.. pero anong nangyari?#nasaanangyolandafunds#notoLP

Rachelle Rusiana: I didn't vote for this guy. But times like these, we need to be united and be objective. Time out muna mga pro's and anti's dyan (yung puro noise lang wala namang gawa). The least that you can do right now is to spread positivity. This surely goes a long way.

Joss Hamilton Mar Roxas what have you done for the were a disaster..mrt
...Yolanda..etc hay for so many years in the government wala man Lang magandang nagawa.

Source: Mar Roxas FB Page

Netizens Reacts on Mar Roxas Unsolicited Advice to Pres. Duterte to Solve the Country's Rice Problem Netizens Reacts on Mar Roxas Unsolicited Advice to Pres. Duterte to Solve the Country's Rice Problem Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 18, 2018 Rating: 5
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