Must Watch: Sneak Peek of Federalism Lecture Receives Mixed Reactions Among Netizens

Netizens took to social media as they shared their mixed reactions with the latest video or sneak peek of PCOO Asec Mocha Uson's Federalism Lecture with Drew Olivar entitled "Kain Pepedederalismo."

Some netizens who were avid supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media shared their disgusts over the initial video of the Federalism Lecture because of some intriguing words stated by Andrew Olivar as seen in the viral video.

Watch the Sneak Peek of the Federalism Campaign:

In the said video Drew Olivar was seen seeing and dancing to the tune of "Kain Pepedederalismo" which according to some netizens were considered inappropriate for the topic about Federalism because of it's double meaning.

Netizen Alvin John Ferias shared the said video but admitted that he was not contented with the presentation of Asec Mocha Uson and Drew Oliver. He admitted that he likes Pres. Duterte but with the recent Federalism campaign, he loses interest with the topic.

Ferias was quoted as saying "Anyare... gusto ko si DU30 pero pag ganito..kakawalang gana.. ang kupal lang.. ayus ayusin naman ninyo.

Popular Facebook Page Filipino's Patriotism also shared the said Federalism Campaign video but was not contented with the sneak peek as they stated "Wow pederalismo daw!"

A DDS Supporter, Lemuel James on the other hand, defended Asec Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar by saying that "Hindi niyo  naintindihan ang Federalismo, Kasi puro bias media ang pinapakinggan niyo, O kaya ay mga dilawan lang nagpapaliwanag sa inyo."

Here's Some of the Mixed Reactions from Netizens:

Tonette A. Suelo buti pa ang baklang si boy landi may alam si mocha boba as always lol.

Bher Tubskie Dito napupunta Ang buwis ng mga naghihirap n Pilipino..

Ajjie Lorelie: It pains me deeply to know that this creature's salary is more than what, maybe, 95% of teachers in all levels get. I imagine my colleagues friends losing nights and weekends, checking and planning lessons to teach TRUTHS about our world. Then you have this piece of shit.

Aldrich Lloyd Requerme Anong kalokohan to? A member of the Con-Com should lecture us on Federalism, as a supporter of a Federal government I'd look forward to that. Instead, they gave the task to a "blogger" who failed geography and grammar.

Kristine Leonardo Camacho Di man lang nageffort na imemorize at intindihin para idiscuss. Kelangan talaga magkodigo. Daig pa pag nagrereport nung high school pakshet

Kehoe Cervantes So tell me now, is it my taxes are worthy for this kind of government officials?, FEDERALISM is an important matter to be taught and to be discussed for enlightenment of filipinos. Please don’t make fun of the people and take this issue seriously. Cheap and unmannered officials pls make our TAXES WORTHY!!!

Source: Facebook

Must Watch: Sneak Peek of Federalism Lecture Receives Mixed Reactions Among Netizens Must Watch: Sneak Peek of Federalism Lecture Receives Mixed Reactions Among Netizens Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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