Book Expose: Ninoy Aquino's Alleged Role as CIA Operative in the Indonesia Rebellion Went Viral

Netizens are now sharing online some parts of the controversial book titled "Subversion as Foreign Policy," written by Audbrey R. & George McT. Kahin exposing the alleged and detailed story of Ninoy Aquino's role as operative of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Indonesia rebellion.

The story about Ninoy Aquino's involvement in the Indonesian rebellion during the time of former Philippine President Carlos Garcia could be found on Page 188 of the book, in the topic about the "Input of the Philippines."

According to the authors, the Philippines cooperated with the United States in setting up training camps for the rebels and by making its airfields as well as those at the U.S. Clark Field available to the rebels and the mostly foreign (Taiwanese, Filipino, and American) pilots who by the spring of 1958 under CIA contract were flying for the Permesta rebels in eastern Indonesia.

The authors accused Ninoy Aquino as one of the most important Filipino being working for the CIA, particularly in the logistical aspects of the operations. At Pres. Carlos Garcia's request, Ninoy Aquino opened up his family's Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac as a training camp for the rebels, as he recalled "We even set up an elaborate radio network so the rebels could contact their people."

A prominent soldier, Colonel Ahmed Hussein revealed that, "Ninoy Aquino was instrumental in getting arms to Sumual's group in Sulawesi, making sveral trips there in the process with arms brought from Taiwan." Ninoy Aquino also stated that he himself, was sent by Garcia and two Philippine army radio technicians to Manado to establish a secret radio transmitter through which he kept the Philippine president regularly informed of the situation in Sulawesi.

Ninoy Aquino also added that this assignment went well beyong gathering information. Referring to divisions among the Permesta rebels, he said, "My main mission was to fuse thse two groups together and get them organized. Otherwise the supplies were flying in would be useless." Aquino stated.

The hero of the EDSA Revolution, Ninoy Aquino also admitted that when Allen Pope, the American pilot of the B-26 bomber was shot down and captured alive, "We must have sung like a canary, because they were identifying everybody in the Menado operation. The Americans backed out, packed up, flew off. 'This isn't so long this is goodbye,' they said." Ninoy Aquino then filed his last report to Pres. Garcia, and told told him he also was pulling out."

But apparently Aquinno's most important function during the nearly four months that he was based in Manado was as channel of American funds to the rebels. According to his close friend, Senator Jose Diokno, he had been appointed by Pres. Garcia as one of the principal paymasters for funds channeled through the Philippine president's office by the CIA for support of Permesta's military operations.

Permesta was a rebel movement in Indonesia, its name based on Piagam Perjuangan Semesta (Universal Struggle Charter). It was declared by civil and military leaders in East Indonesia in March 2, 1957. The center of the Permesta rebel movement was in Manado in Sulawesi. The moveent was led by Colonel Ventje Sumual, and Alexander Evert Kawilarang who resigned his position as Indonesian military attache in the USA to become a general of the Permesta Army. On February 1958, Permesta joined forces with PRRI rebels based in Sumatra who had declared a revolutionary government against the government of Indonesian President Suharto.

The CIA through covert operations helped the Permesta rebels in the form of trainings and provisions of at least 15 B-26 bombers and some P-51 Mustang fighters which formed the insurgent air force, aside from the large amounts of weapons and equipment, significant funds, plus an international cast of CIA agents from Taiwan, Poland, USA and the Philippines of which Ninoy Aquino was considered as an important agent.

Book Expose: Ninoy Aquino's Alleged Role as CIA Operative in the Indonesia Rebellion Went Viral Book Expose: Ninoy Aquino's Alleged Role as CIA Operative in the Indonesia Rebellion Went Viral Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 29, 2018 Rating: 5
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