Must Watch: Video Interview of Mayor Halili Admitting that LP Harrass Him After Declaring Support for Pres. Duterte

Slain Tanauan, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili admitted during an interview before his death that he was allegedly harrassed by the Liberal Party after he declared his support to Pres. Rody Duterte together with the 48 Barangay of Tanauan City.

According to the late Mayor of Tanauan, Mayor Halili in an interview conducted by Ceasar Soriano for the Magandang Gabi Pilipinas show, his team of crime busters and Anti-Crime groups were disbanded by the leadership of the PNP in Batangas despite their commendable performance in fighting illegal drugs and other crimes in the City.

Watch the Video Interview with Mayor Antonio Halili:

One of the residents of Tanauan City also stated during an interview that since the year 2013, when Mayor Tony Halili took his oath of office as Mayor of Tanauan City, he started fighting against illegal drugs even until the day before his death. Mayor Halili was also dubbed as the "Duterte of Tanauan" because of his anti-crime efforts in his city.

Mayor Halili also clarified that he has no direct control of the PNP in Tanauan but he got all the support from the police force. He is fighting against illegal drugs and continuing his Shame Campaign against crime violators because of his sincerity to the people of Tanauan.

Mayor Antonio Halili during the interview with Soriano revealed that he was ineed worried and wondered why he was included in the narco-list of Pres. Rody Duterte, and at the same time he was also saddened because his family was also involved in the controversy.

The Tanauan City Mayor felt dismayed also because he was included in the list of narco-politicians because of all the efforts he made and even at the forefront in the fight against illegal drugs but unfortunately he was included in the list and was even stripped off with his jurisdiction over the PNP in his city.

Mayor Halili was also challenged with all the allegations but he was a firmed believer that he committed nothing against the law and indeed he is ready to face the consequences even death because he is already 72 years old, and there's nothing to worry about because he is sincere on his service to the people of Tanauan.

During the interview, Mayor Halili revealed that his alleged involvement in the illegal drugs is indeed a form of political harrassment against him, because of his seriousness on his job as the local chief executive of Tanauan City. He also suspected that he could be killed by a policeman because their are scalawags in the organization.

The political harrassment and persecution according to Mmayor Halili started during the campaign period, because he was campaigning and running under the Liberal Party but all the 48 Barangays of Tanauan declared their support to then-Mayor Duterte of Davao City who was running for President.

Mayor Halili noted that right after his declaration to support Mayor Duterte together with his 48 Barangays, they were harrassed, paticularly the Mayor's Anti-Crime Group, those who were apprehending and helping the PNP against drug pushers, users and other criminal elements  were harrassed and being accused as part of his private army, they were disbanded and some were even accused of various crimes but all cases were dismissed.

The Tanauan City Mayor was also quoted as saying "The persecution happened during the past administration (Aquino) syempre sa kanila yong Provincial Director, na kaibigan ng kalaban kong retired PNP General, na tumakbo against me." He also noted that invented intel report against him was just adopted by the succeeding provincial director resulting to his inclusion in the narco-list of Pres. Duterte.

Mayor Halili also revealed that his political opponent, a retired PNP General whom he defeated, is the brother of a close ally of the former Governor of Batangas, who happened to be the husband of a senator but he also stated that he will not accused anybody.

Source: Tanauan City's Hope FB Page

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