Netizens Reacts on Ellen Tordesillas Explanations on How Vera Files Fact-Check on FB (Video))

Veteran journalist and one of Vera Files most prominent leader, Ellen Tordesillas made headlines on social media after her controversial explanations during an ANC Live interview about the roles of Vera Files in fact-checking on Facebook.

Netizens took to social media particularly on the official Facebook Page of ANC Philippines after Ellen Tordesillas failed to convince most netizens on how they were able to fact-check every suspected websites who were allegedly purveyors of fake news in the Philippines.

Watch How Ellen Tordessilas Answer Questions About Fake News:

During an interview with ANC host, Christian Esguerra, the host asked Ellen Tordesillas about the working definition of fake news but the Vera Files journalist couldn't give an exact definition of fake news. 

According to Ellen Tordesillas "Wala kasing definition yan, falsehood, kami kasi... in fact falsehood, what we, what we track are falsehood that appears on website that being shared in Facebook, yan yung nasa Facebook contract namin. 

The ANC host also asked Tordesillas if they can check the post of the veteran La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras but the Vera Files could not explain clearly her answer to the questions presented by the TV host. 

According to Tordesillas they are considered as the primary sources in the fact-checking activities of Facebook in the Philippines. Aside from Vera Files, Rappler was also granted by Facebook to become a member of the fact-checkers in the Philippines. 

Netizens reacted and some of them even slammed Tordesillas for her failure to explain her side on why they were chosen as the fact-checkers of FB in the Philippines and on how they will conduct their fact-checking activities without biases against the supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte. 

Here's Some of the Most Popular Comments Against Tordesillas:

Victoria Loveheart: Rappler is the source of fake news....the best parin ang Mocha Uson blog kasi updated kami lahat sa mga nangyayari sa bansa at totoong balita.

Llen Ikamu: That's our fact checker , doesn't even know what is fake news. Remember Galileo, he was faked news by the Catholic church and it turns out that the earth is not flat.

Noel Ofialda: Ifact check kaya muna ni Ellen utak at dila nya para makapagsalita ng diretso. Mukhang di alam mga pinagsasabi. Can't imagine bakit nakipag sanib si Facebook sa ale na to. FactCheck daw pero mga salita nya ni isa walang fact.

Mark Anthony Balleta: E di wow nalang... if they consider this a victory...then press freedom really is dead... so puro negativity, ejk, mini rallies, human rights issues etc lang ang lalabas na factual sa inyo... goodluck to us all...

Rush Id: Tang inang ellen tordesillas na toh, pang ilang beses na lumalabas sa tv puro naman utal utal pag nagsasalita! Halatang walang kredibilidad mga pinagsasabi. nyeta!

Lelith Ubay-ubay: OMG... how the hell did she become a fact checker? She can’t even explain well what she’s supposed to be checking? It’s so obvious how low her analytical level is that she can’t even convert it to simple words! Good luck to the kind of ‘FACTS’ she’ll ever produce.

Source: Facebook 

Netizens Reacts on Ellen Tordesillas Explanations on How Vera Files Fact-Check on FB (Video)) Netizens Reacts on Ellen Tordesillas Explanations on How Vera Files Fact-Check on FB (Video)) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 16, 2018 Rating: 5
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