WAC Expose: Rappler's Collapse, The Yellows and Cayetano's Plans for 2022

Popular anonymous Facebook Page, We Are Collective (WAC), the same group that made a series of expose against VP Leni Robredo and his husband the late Jesse Robredo also known as the NagaLeaks now returned on social media with a very controversial expose regarding Rappler's collapse, the Yellow oligarchs and Cayetano's plans for 2022.

According to WAC, Rappler is surely going down because its collapse is really inevitable, it has no choice but to reinvent itself and rebrand or they can also choose to suffer permanent demise.

The best way to give Rappler a graceful exit is through the decision of SEC, because the agency is allegedly influenced by the Aquino-era top officials. The collapse of Rappler is allegedly in collaboration with some major bloggers in the Philippines who are working under their patron Sec. Cayetano of the DFA.

WAC accused Sec. Cayetano of working and colluding with the yellows, with the backing of former Pres. Fidel Ramos, as they are now preparing their grand ambition for 2022. Know more about the complete story about the possible collaboration of the Yellows and some DDS by reading the expose below.

Here's the Complete Expose of We Are Collective:

Published January 18, 2018 by Collective

Allow us to give you a quick lowdown of what's happening here:

1. Rappler is going down. Its collapse is inevitable - a foregone conclusion, so it has no choice but to reinvent itself and rebrand. Or suffer a permanent demise.

2. The yellows and foreign oligarchs funding Rappler found a convenient way to give it a graceful exit. A face-saving mechanism. So they use SEC to swing the axe so to speak. But seriously, do you trust people like Blas Viterbo (who used to be Roxas' chief of staff and whose wife is PAB's patron) to not have an ulterior agenda behind all this?

3. As usual, this whole charade is done in collaboration with your favorite major bloggers. Are they gonna do this without the imprimatur of their chief patron, Senor Alan Peter Cayetano? Of course not. Alan has been working and colluding with the yellows for the longest time now, with the backing of Tabako, the patron's patron.

4. DND Sec. Lorenzana is Tabako's man. The reason why Duterte put him there is to appease Tabako, and of course Duterte knows how to play this game right (see our previous article Puppet Masters). Tabako, Lorenzana and Cayetano are all US lackeys. Remember Tabako supported Leni Robredo while he unleashed Alan to divide the Vice-Presidential votes just to prevent a Marcos comeback. And the US has been behind much of the destabilization efforts after Digong proved difficult for Tabako to control. Digong is keeping them close. So we trust the President to know his shit from his fart.

5. Rappler is trying to implicate Bong Go. Using Lorenzana's document with his handwritten notes as pretext. Later, Lorenzana retracts, but admits the handwriting was his. Yet the damage has already been done. They are trying to pin down Go and destroy the ones closest to the President. If you destroy a man like Bong Go, or raise suspicions over his character, it would be easy now to target Digong. And they know Digong is gonna protect his man. A dent on Bong Go is a dent on President Duterte.

6. Connect all the dots. Do the simple math. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what's happening. It's actually too obvious if one is not blinded by the fake labels these bloggers bestowed upon themselves (Mocha Uson's DDS). Yet the question stands. If they are DDS, then why is the President getting all the flak as a result of their combined actions? Okay lang sa kanila tamaan at masaktan ang Pangulo pero kahit kailan hindi nila nakanti ang kanilang Patron? Sabagay, they'll be out of business if nobody is around sniping at the President.

It's a fucking charade. An engineered set-up. They have friends like Ressa attacking the President openly, while they pretend to hate Rappler and use all these attacks as a pretext to endlessly "protect" the President. And while they're doing this, they are able to dupe the President's real support base into thinking they are real DDS and discreetly herd them towards supporting their patron come 2022. If destabilization doesn't succeed, at least they have another ace up their sleeve.

Quite crafty isn't it?

Source: WAC FB Page

WAC Expose: Rappler's Collapse, The Yellows and Cayetano's Plans for 2022 WAC Expose: Rappler's Collapse, The Yellows and Cayetano's Plans for 2022 Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 19, 2018 Rating: 5
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