Netizen Reveals Top 10 Sarcastic Reasons Why We Cannot Afford to Lose Rappler

A concerned netizen posted a very long sarcastic post revealing the Top Ten (10) Reasons Why We Cannot Afford to Lose Rappler and even warned his readers of imminent irony. According to Kent Tangcalagan there are 10 reasons why he supported Rappler but in a sarcastic way as he also provided proofs through links of existing articles online.

Some of the most prominent reasons why we cannot afford to lose Rappler according to the concerned netizen includes the Rappler's Mood Meter, Relatives for headliners, Reminding us that dogs are loyal, Protecting our Liberal Party, Copying things online is not plagiarism, ISIS in Resorts World, More deaths in evacuation centers, Watching police operations at a distance, Simple math and 7,000 summary executions, and Never mind the SEC, this is obstruction of press freedom.

Read the Complete Top Ten Reasons Why We Cannot Afford Rappler:

(Long sarcastic post) Top ten reasons why we cannot afford to lose Rappler! #ProtectPressFreedom #StandWithRappler

WARNING: Irony, imminent. Do not read.

Top 10: Rappler’s Mood Meter

Rappler’s Mood Meter is the best way to know what “stories are meaningful to all.” Without Rappler, we can no longer rate our news articles online with happy, sad, amused, don’t care, angry, inspired, annoyed or afraid. We need to magnify our emotional engagement. Thank you Rappler for teaching us the value and importance of our emotions, sometimes more than the facts.


Top 9 – Relatives for headliners

Rappler made the best headlines when they interviewed the relative of the Ozamiz mayor who was killed in a police drug raid. According to the relative, “I knew him and personally I am certain that he was not what he was accused of.” Forget the police, the evidence and the witnesses, let’s interview the relative. Thank you Rappler for teaching us about catchy headlines and investigative journalism.


Top 8 – Reminding us that dogs are loyal

Rappler provided us information that those born in the Year of the Dog are faithful and loyal just like the “dogs Mocha Uson, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.” Thank you Rappler for teaching us the animal kingdom with examples from government officials. Too bad our biology/ science teachers never thought about this when we were in school.


Top 7 – Protecting our Liberal Party

Rappler is our knight in shining armor for our “crying” and “persecuted” Liberal Party. Remember when our LP senators were “persecuted” for losing their chairmanships in the senate where the LP senators, themselves, seconded the very motions for their ouster? Rappler wrote about the senators’ “crying” and “persecution.” Thank you Rappler for not turning a blind eye.


Top 6 – Copying things online is not plagiarism

Rappler owns the image posted from a tweet of DZIQ reporter Erwin Aguilon because Ressa said “social networks are in public domain, something to keep in mind.” Thank you Rappler for putting this out. I thought plagiarism was also applicable for online stuff (almost everything is online) but I was totally wrong. I should hang out more with you guys, Ressa and Sotto.


Top 5 – ISIS in Resorts World

Rappler was the first one to report ISIS in the Resorts World Manila attack. Rappler beats all the mainstream news media in getting the first hand information from a “site.” Thank you Rappler for showing the other news media networks how fast reporting is done.


Top 4 – More deaths in evacuation centers

Rappler again beats the other news media networks by being able to analyze that the “death toll in evacuation centers in Marawi is higher than the number of civilians killed in the clash.” Thank you Rappler for telling us what’s happening in Marawi. Never mind what Ubial and Taguiwalo say.


Top 3 – Watching police operations at a distance

Rappler braves the battle field on the War on Drugs and got a picture of the “police operation from a distance” and “saw” a dying man with a caption “nanlaban.” No news networks has done this before. Thank you Rappler for being in the war zone! And by the way, such a winning photography. Let’s share it to Time.


Top 2 – Simple math and 7,000 summary executions

Rappler was again the first to add the numbers of “suspected drug personalities killed in police operations” and “victims in cases of deaths under investigation or investigation concluded” for the 7,080 figure which is “based on revised PNP data at the end of that period.” Thank you Rappler for showing us simple math and providing the figure to Ma’am Leni and the foreign news media. We are proud to show the world of our math skills.


Top 1 – Never mind the SEC, this is obstruction of press freedom

Rappler is “persecuted” by the Philippine government. Let us stand with Rappler and defend press freedom. We can talk about the SEC, perhaps in a separate interview from another media network. Come on, let’s just use the hashtags #StandWithRappler and #DefendPressFreedom and be done with it. Thank you Rappler for showing us that the SEC doesn’t count.


P.S. For follow-up and serious questions on SEC, PDR and the rule of law, I’d like to borrow Rappler’s words, “we will hold the line.”

(Sources of information and photos cited as exhibit url links.)

*** A serious note: For those who can’t seem to go beyond the sarcasm and irony of this post, this is to remind you that this post does not seek to eliminate press freedom albeit promote the responsible exercise of it. This, among others, include: factual reporting, avoiding plagiarism, and observing the rule of law.

The post aims to show how Rappler has miserably failed in these aspects including that of the most recent SEC ruling which the former has at all costs been misrepresenting as “political persecution.”

Also, the thoughts and opinions that I make from this post are my own and do not represent my affiliation to any of my previous company/organizations nor my current university.

For those who are not happy about the sarcasm being used in a sensitive issue such as press freedom, may I just tell you that this is the very essence of the democratic and basic right that you supposedly fight for, which is free speech, which I also deserve to exercise. I rest my case. ***

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