Sanofi Refunds PH Government with P1.16-Billion Unused Dengvaxia

The controversial company Sanofi Pasteur, maker of Dengue Vaccine, Dengvaxia has already made a refund of more than P1 billion for unused Dengvaxia vaccines according to the statement released to the media by Health Secretary Francisco Duque III.

According to Health Secretary Duque, Sanofi on Thursday paid the government some P1.16 billion out of the P1.4 billion they asked from the company. However, the DOH Secretary said the reimbursement made by Sanofi does not mean that the drug manufacturer would not be slapped with any legal charges.

Sec. Duque was quoted as saying "DOH will make sure to give justice to families who lost their children if proven caused by the Dengvaxia vaccine," he said.

The Health Department said that part of the refund from Sanofi will be used to establish an indemnity fund to cover the cost of the hospitalization and treatment of vaccinated children who might get sick.

The DOH Secretary also stated that the with growing number of dengue cases, he reiterated his call to barangay health workers particularly in Pampanga to help in the information dissemination drive of DOH to alert the community of the possible symptoms of and early detection of dengue disease. Parents were also urged to be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of dengue as the threat is permanent nowadays, adding that the solution is always prevention.

Secretary Duque added further that experts from the Philippine General Hospital have recommended the suspension of anti-dengue immunization, adding that urgent testing is needed to determine who among those given the Dengvaxia vaccine are most at risk.

Source: PNA 

Sanofi Refunds PH Government with P1.16-Billion Unused Dengvaxia Sanofi Refunds PH Government with P1.16-Billion Unused Dengvaxia Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 21, 2018 Rating: 5
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