Spox Harry Roque Disputes VP Leni's Claim that "Darkness is Enveloving the Philippines"

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque disputed the ridiculous claimed of Vice Pres. Leni Robredo that darkness is enveloping the Philippines right now under the leadership of Pres. Duterte, as he said that only discredited politicians who want to regain power are facing dark days.

VP Leni Robredo claimed that darkness is enveloping the country and called on members of the once influential political party to continue fighting for their beliefs during the 72nd anniversary of the Liberal Party last Friday.

The controversial Vice President also claimed that history is seemed to be repeating itself, noting that the party's membership also declined during the time fo the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. For the past few months, hundreds of not thousands leaders of LP moved to PDP-Laban, the political party of Pres. Rody Duterte, after the later won a landslide victory in the 2016 presidential race against the political machinery of LP.

The former Congressman-turned presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque disagreed with VP Leni, saying the vice president's remarks are "completely out of touch with the existing realities on the ground."

"The darkness that Vice President Robredo may be referring to perhaps pertains to the future of those discredited politicians who wish to return to power," Roque said in a statement.

Spox Harry Roque cited some facts particularly the Gallop International polls suggesting the Philippines is the happiest country in the world and the fifth highest country in the economic optimism index.

Aside from Gallop, Roque also cited the local survey firm Social Weather Station indicating that 96 percent entered the New Year of 2018 with hope and fewer Filipino families consider themselves poor.

The SWS survey conducted last quarter also indicated that more than eight out of 10 Filipinos trust Duterte while a Pulse Asia survey results suggested that Duterte is the most approved and most trusted among the country's top officials. The satisfaction rating fo the very first President from Mindanao remains excellent based on the WS poll conducted last quarter, he added.

Source: PNA

Spox Harry Roque Disputes VP Leni's Claim that "Darkness is Enveloving the Philippines" Spox Harry Roque Disputes VP Leni's Claim that "Darkness is Enveloving the Philippines" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 22, 2018 Rating: 5
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