R. Tiglao Reveals Why Maria Ressa Drags Philippine Image Just for her to Survive

Veteran columnist and former spokesperson of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Rigoberto Tiglao revealed on his latest column in The Manila Times the reasons why Rappler's CEO Maria Ressa drags the image of the Philippines in order for her to survive.

According to Tiglao Maria Ressa has blackened or drags the Philippines image in the international scene with her bareface lie that Pres. Duterte has attacked press freedom by ordering her online news website closed. 

The allegations of Ressa against Pres. Duterte was accepted by the international community as if they were truth. Maria Resa's allegations hewed to the dark portrait neoliberal American media had painted of Duterte since his firsts months in office. 

Ressa's lies swallowed hook and line and sinker, and spread throughout the world, prominent international news outlet like the New York Times, claimed that the closure of Rappler was an extension of Pres. Duterte's "killing spree" in his war against illegal drugs. 

The disinformation spread by Ressa to the international community has been believed completely by a gullible American media, to a greater extent because they see her crusade to bring democracy through a fearless press to the backward island nation in the Pacific. 

According to Tiglao there are reasons why Maria Ressa tried to besmirch the country's reputation to the world which are enumerated below. 

The first reasons for Ressa's unpatriotic gestures is to cover up her violation of the Constitution in her desperate attempt to save Rappler from going under because of astronomical tech costs as she allegedly mismanaged Rappler, the company that is in deep financial problems. 

Second reason for Ressa is to feed her well-known bloated egoism, that she has challenged a President and is now a heroine of press freedom. 

The third reason is quite undestandable and the most important, Ressa is fighting for her professional life because if Rappler closes down, who would hire her and who would take in somebody like her who has anagered Pres. Duterte. 

To know more about the possible reasons why Maria Ressa drags the Philippine Image to mud for her to survive, just head on to the complete article of Rigoberto Tiglao. 

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