Pres. Duterte Builds $1-Billion New Clark City for Thousand of Workers to Transfer Outside Manila

The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte builds a whooping P50 billion ($1 Billion) to build an administrative center in New Clark City, located in Capas, Tarlac. According to the President, his administration seeks to ease a traffic gridlock in the capital and provides works for thousand of works outside Metro Manila.

Pres. Duterte's new city that's being built in a former US military base is a joint efforts between the Philippine government and private companies to build an administrative center in New Clark City.

According to the Duterte administration within five years, the area is expected to have at least eight mid-rise government towers, 8,000 housing units and a train connecting it to Manila, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) away.

Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) Chairman Vince Dizon was quoted as saying "The vision is to build a new thriving city outside Metro Manila that's well-planned, future proof," Vince Dizon said.

Pres. Duterte's project in the New Clark City is part of the administration's plan to decentralize state offices away from Manila's gridlocked streets. The capital city of Metro Manila is home to 13 million people and accounting for about one-third of the nation's economy, will become a "dead city" within 25 years.

Watch the Presentation of the BCDA for New Clark City:

The President earlier said that in a speech last month that he is supporting the development of the city, whose name is derived from the former Clark Air Force Base that was closed in 1991.

Some of the most prominent national agency's and departments were already relocated at the New Clark City such as the Department of Transportation (DOTr) which transferred it's main office to Clark in 2017. The Bases Conversion Authority (BCDA) will also start moving to Clark this year 2018.

The Duterte admin also noted that the first phase of the 200-hectare administrative center also involved the development of back-up offices for government agencies to ensure continuity in case of disaster. An aquatics and athletics center that will serve as the new venue for the 30th SEA Games in late 2018 is also planned, the BCDA revealed.

To augment the New Clark City, an expansion of the Clark Airport is scheduled to be completed by the first half of 2018, another 12 billion pesos of roads and bridges will be built in the next two years, while an industrial park planned by Filinvest Land Inc., with an initial investment of P10 billion is in the works.

The BCDA also revealed that to help fund the Clark City development, BCDA will sell up to 60 hectares of real estate in Taguig City near the financial district of Makati where land prices are at record high.

Source: PNA

Pres. Duterte Builds $1-Billion New Clark City for Thousand of Workers to Transfer Outside Manila Pres. Duterte Builds $1-Billion New Clark City for Thousand of Workers to Transfer Outside Manila Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 31, 2018 Rating: 5
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