Sen. Trillanes Calls VM Paolo Duterte's Resignation as "Pure BS"

The staunchest critic of Pres. Rody Duterte and his family, former rebel soldier turned lawmaker, Sen. Antonio Trillanes called Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte's resignation from his post as Vice Mayor of Davao City as "pure BS."

Sen. Trillanes lambasts VM Paolo Duterte by saying "Delicadeza, seriously? Pinatulan nga niya yung anak niya [He fought with his daughter] publicly sa Facebook, tapos delicadeza? Besides, he has already been cleared months ago by Gordon's committee de abswelto. So, that's pure BS," Trillanes said in a statement Sunday.

The controversial senator is one of the reason why the Presidential son was involved in the alleged BOC scam as he named Duterte as one of the protector of the Davao Group. VM Duterte revealed during his resignation that one of the reason why he resigned was his alleged involvement in the controversial BOC smuggled items.

According to VM Paolo Duterte he tendered his resignation due to "delicadeza" after he was involved in the BOC mess and the recent public squable with her daughter Isabelle Duterte.

Sen. Trillanes implicated VM Duterte last September when the senator accused Duterte on his alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade. VM Paolo Duterte and the President's son-in-law Atty. Manases Carpio were summoned to the Senate probe over the ₱6.4 billion worth of methampetamine hydochloride (shabu) hauled with ease into the country last May 24.

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair Richard Gordon then called Trillanes' accusations as "editorializing." The two senators also got into a heated exchange after Trillanes called the panel a "committee de abswelto" for Gordon's refusal to summon Carpio and Duterte.

Sen. Trillanes also explained that the reason of VM Paolo Duterte's resignation is to evade probes into his involvement in the shabu mess by the BOC.

"He is probably just preempting the numerous investigations against him by the Ombudsman. Also, he most likely needs more time to focus on managing his multi-billion peso businesses," Trillanes' statement added.
Source: PNA / CNN Philippines

Sen. Trillanes Calls VM Paolo Duterte's Resignation as "Pure BS" Sen. Trillanes Calls VM Paolo Duterte's Resignation as "Pure BS" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 26, 2017 Rating: 5
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