14 NPA Rebels Confirmed Killed by the Military in Batangas

A total of fourteen (14) members of the New People's Army who were declared as terrorists recently by Pres. Duterte were confirmed killed by some members of the Philippine Military during a firefight between government troops in Nasugbu, Batangas on Tuesday, the AFP and PNP confirmed.

According to the AFP, five of the fourteen NPA rebels were killed while two others survived the firefight in Sitio Panamuntasan, Barangay Aga. The remaining nine communist rebels were killed in a separate clash in Sitio Batulao, Barangay Kaylaway.

The AFP also revealed that two soldiers were injured during the firefight, all the injured including the soldiers and rebels were brought to the hospital as they received medical treatment.

Authorities recovered high powered firearms from the communist rebels as well as the ammunitions used by the insurgents during their firefight against government forces in Batangas.

The clash between the government troops and the NPA rebels started when armed men fired upon the members of the Air Force's 730th Combat Group and the Nasugbu Municipall Police who responded in a report that several armed men were spotted in the said area.

Batangas City Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Alden Delvo said that they were trying their best to maintain peace and order in the whole Batangas province amid the ongoing battle between the AFP and NPA.

The AFP also noted in an interview with some media that the encounter between government troops and communist rebels is considered as the bloodiest encounter between the members of the AFP and the NPA rebels

The firefight happened several days after President Rodrigo Duterte signed the cancellation of peace talks between the government and CPP-NPA-NDF.

Pres. Duterte also promised to give livelihood sources and activities to all communist rebels who wanted to join the fold the law and surrender themselves to authorities.

Source: PNA

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