SWS Survey: Crime Victimization Drops to New Record Low Under Pres. Duterte

President Rody Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs resulted in a positive news for all Filipinos after the Social Weather Station (SWS) released a survey conducted from June 23 to 26, showing that victimization by property crimes in the past six months fell to a new record low under the administration of Pres. Duterte.

According to SWS, whose survey results was first published by Business World, they found out that 3.2 percent or an estimated 706,000 families have been victimized by street robbery, burglary (break-ins), or car theft in the past six months.

SWS noted that the latest figure was a new record-low, beating the previous 4.5 percent or estimated one million recorded in 2016 also under the Duterte administration.

The latest poll result was also 3.2-percentage points lower than the 6.3 percent or an estimated 1.4 million registered in March 2017. The survey saw 0.6 percent or an estimated 149,000 families hurt by physical violence in the past six months, similar to the 0.7 percent posted in September 2016 (estimated 162,000 families) and December 2016 (estimated 155,000 families).

The Filipinos who fell victims to common crimes was also at record-low of 3.7 percent or an estimated 840,000 families, lower by 1.2-percentage points from the previous record-low of 4.9 percent or 1.1 million families in December 2016 and 3.1-percentage points down by the 6.8 percent or 1.6 million families in March 2017.

Victims of street robbery during the past six months fell to a new record-low of 2.3 percent or 525,000 in June, three percentage points below than the 5.3 percent in March. 
Around 1.1 percent or 260,000 families were victimized by burglars, a 0.8-percentage point drop from March's 1.9 percent or 435,000 families The survey showed 0.2 percent or 21,000 families owning any type of motor were robbed, down by 0.8-percentage point from one percent or 83,000 in March.

The good news about the dropping of crime victimization in the Philippines is considered as one of the positive results in the campaign of Pres. Duterte to eradicate the drug problems in the country. 
Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the government's campaign against crimes and illegal drugs "has resulted in fewer robberies, less physical violence, less fear of being in public spaces." "Efforts ensuring public safety in the first year of the Duterte administration are yielding positive results," Abella said. 

Source: SunStar / Business World / SWS Website

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