Pres. Rody Duterte's SONA 2017 Highlights and Sample Reaction Papers

The very first President from Mindanao President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivered his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 24, 2017 in front of more than 3,000 people which includes lawmakers and guests at the Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City.

Pres. Rody Duterte delivered his speech with the theme "A Comfortable Life for All," which is in line with the administration's three key agenda -- Prosperity for all, Law and Order, and Peace -- which categorize the positive changes felt by the people under the administration of Pres. Duterte.

The second SONA of Pres. Rody Duterte which started at around 4:30 PM is considered as longer than the previous SONA due to some remarkable remarks, it lasted for more than 2 hours and 6 minutes at exactly 6:26 minutes.

Pres. Rody Duterte's SONA 2017 Highlights:

Pres. Duterte is well known with his colorful tirades as started his speech with a joke about absences and showcased his mastery of public speaking through his no-holds-barred SONA featuring a fiery statements from the former Mayor of Davao City.

The President acknowledged the presence of the three departments from the legislative, executive and the judiciary as well as former Presidents and members of the diplomatic corps. Pres. Duterte stated on the first few parts of his speech about the promise he made during the campaign period to bring about change, change in government, not a change that is being passing but a change that can survive the test of time.

Pres. Duterte noted that he felt that if change was to be meaningful, it had to start with those occupying the highest positions in government because change comes from below is more transitory than permanent. It has to be a change that is not confined merely to the replacement of people by people, but a change in the people's attitude, disposition and work ethic.

The former Mayor of Davao City also reiterated his continued and relentless war against illegal drugs and noted that he do not intend to loosen the leash in the campaign against illegal drugs or lose the fight, neither he intent to preside over the destruction of the Filipino youth by being timid and tentative in his decisions and actions, therefore he called on his critics to joined his fight against drugs.

According to Pres. Duterte, today we are now facing a multitude of problems but despite all these problems we as Filipinos should not be disheartened because we will not be cowed and we will not be overwhelmed. It is during trying times and troubled events that the resilience, perseverance and determination of the people are tested.

Pres. Duterte discussed the peace and order situations in Mindanao with the emergence of ISIS and continued attacks of the communist rebel groups but despite all of these challenges he will persist in the goals of the administration to attain peace up to the last day of his administration and maybe even beyond although in a different capacity.

The President also explained the reasons why he declared Martial law in Mindanao because he believed that is the fastest way to quell the rebellion at the least cost of lives and properties. As the President of the Philippines, he also reiterated his unwavering support and commitment to the soldiers of the Armed Forces and the members of the Police force.

Pres. Duterte also appeals to the legislators to immediately pass the National Land Use Act or NALUA to ensure the rational and sustainable use of our land and our physical resources, given the competing needs of food security, housing, businesses and environmental conservation.

The President also called on the attentions of industrialists, investors and commercial barons to put up factories and manufacturing establishments in the Philippines to process our raw materials into finished products.

Pres. Duterte also warned all mining operations and contractors to refrain from the irresponsible destruction of our watersheds, forests, and aquatic resources and noted that he is holding all mining companies and its officials responsible for the full and quick clean-up, restoration and rehabilitation of all areas damaged by mining activities, and the extension of all necessary support to the communities that have suffered mining's disastrous effects on their health, livelihood, and environment, among others.

The President also mentioned how the former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez's efforts proved useful and commended the efforts of ABS-CBN reporter Ted Failon on his documentary showing the destruction of nature by mining activities and the need for urgent care for our nature. He also warned mining companies to restore the environment or he will raise their taxes.

The President also admitted during his second SONA that he is bully to the enemies of the state and even thrown some rants to some news organizations like ABS-CBN and Rappler for their alleged biased reporting against Pres. Rody Duterte.

Pres. Duterte also discussed thee administration's proposed 2018 national budget, worth P3.767-trillion, on the day of the SONA itself, with the biggest budget allotted for education, infrastructure development, and health care.

The President also discussed the adverse effects of climate change as he mentioned the need to prepare for some major calamities like the "Big One," a magnitude 7.2 earthquake which could be generated by he West Valley Fault and asked the Congress to pass the Disaster Response Bill.

Pres. Duterte also tackled some other issues such as the West Philippine Sea and the need to shift our form of government from Unitary form of government into a Federal state. The President also wanted to reimpose the death penalty on heinous crimes.

During the speech of Pres. Rody Duterte on his second SONA he also mentioned the accomplishments of his administration through the President's Hotline or 8888, dedicated to complaints against fixers, corrupt officials, and poor government services and Hotline 911 for Emergency Response.

Pres. Duterte also noted that he will never tolerate corruption in his administration and he also lashed out the Supreme Court for putting a temporary restraining order (TRO), which Pres. Duterte beleived is a bane of government project's efficiency.

The President also announced the nationwide smoking ban patterned to the huge success of Davao City which is now in place after the full implementation a few days ago.

Aside from discussing some historical events involving the United States, President Duterte also expressed gratitude to China for their help in the upcoming mega infrastructure projects of the Duterte administration and even noted that he might get money from China for new airports.

Here's A Sample Reaction Paper for SONA 2017:

President Rody Duterte delivered his second SONA highlighting his administration's accomplishments particularly the war on illegal drugs and criminality. Although the President admitted that during the campaign period he promised to resolve the drugs issue in just six months but failed because he did not expect and was shocked by the huge extent of the drug problem in the country.

Pres. Duterte emphasized during his speech about his administration's plans for tax reform program, and it must be studied thoroughly because it was branded as regressive and anti-poor by certain groups.

The President also showed his eagerness to stop violence and rebellion in Mindanao and called the attentions of the New People's Army and it's leaders that he will no longer talk to the communists. He even revealed during his SONA that the leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), Jose Ma. Sison is having some problems with his health.

During the President's SONA it is interesting to note that the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will be certified as urgent by the Duterte administration. "BBL is key to just and lasting peace."

Pres. Duterte also revealed that his administration have already settled the problems against Mighty Corporation with the company to give P25 billion tax settlement which can be used for the rebuilding of Marawi City.

The President also called the attentions of government officials including his Cabinet members to worked hard and to streamlined the procurement law in the Philippines for faster response. He also called the attentions of the Judiciary to end the controversial issuance of TRO which hampers development.

Although there's a lot of issues which needed to be resolved as the country's chief executive, Filipinos are more hopeful right now that Pres. Duterte deliver his promised change and ended the elite's dominance of power. The hope of the Filipino people now lies at the hands of Pres. Duterte and the help of all the government units to fulfill the President's vision for the Philippines as one of the most progressive country in the world.

Prepared by PhilNews.XYZ Staff

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