Atty. Bruce Rivera Explains Pres. Duterte's Genius in Layman's Terms (Viral)

One of Pres. Rody Dutete's avid supporter on social media, Atty. Bruce Rivera explained the President's genius in a layman's terms easily understandable by ordinary netizens. The prose of Atty. Rivera garnered thousands of Likes and Shares as well as commendable statements from netizens.

Atty. Rivera admitted that he sometimes bit his tongue and just move on when somebody would easily call Pres. Duterte as stupid, crazy, an imbecile, a moron, old and losing his marbles but he discovered the main reasons why the haters would have the audacity to call him stupid.

According to Rivera, the haters calls Pres. Duterte many negative names because they cannot process in their minds, the genius of Duterte's mind.

Atty. Rivera pointed out why some people who hates Pres. Duterte can still hate him but teaches them a lessons to never underestimate how the minds of the President works. The genius of Pres. Rody Duterte as explained in a layman's terms by Atty. Bruce Rivera.

Here's the Complete Statement of Atty. Bruce Rivera:


I would often come across an anti-Duterte who would easily call him stupid, crazy, an imbecile, a moron, old and losing his marbles. Oftentimes, I would bite my tongue and just move on. I cannot fathom why his haters would have the audacity to call him stupid until I realized only the stupid can call him that because they cannot process in their minds, the genius of his mind. So, since I am best at simplifying difficult concepts, let me point out why people who hate Duterte can hate him but should not underestimate how his mind works. 

1. Remember when nobody reacted when his first EO was the FOI or Freedom of Information for the Executive branch of government. Even bar topnotcher Senators did not realize that it would bite them in the ass. Pnoy's first EO was the creation of the Truth Commission which was nullified by the SC. Then later on, he would report every information he receives. When he revealed the names of the narcopoliticians, nobody can complain about persecution or trial by publicity. Why? Due to FOI, he was literally mandated to divulge everything.

2. When there were dead people in the narcolist, the opposition was quick to say that it was not a correct list because it included dead people. Later on, people would learn that it was intentional because it showed that even before his time, there was already a narcolist but past administrations did not take action. In fact, some of its players have already passed on. 

3. You know why it took a long time for PRRD to declare his intentions to be President? Because, he knew that if he would do it too early and his numbers will rise, the LP will have an easier time demolishing him. They did that to Binay and nobody thought Binay can easily be pulled down. Duterte declared his intention just in time when it was difficult to smear him because the people fond of smearing had themselves already smeared they already lost credibility. 

4. Duterte allowed other candidates to gang up against him. Instead, he taunted them by being more obnoxious, hurled more bad words and continued with his crazy antics. PR practitioners tell me his is a PR worst nightmare. Wrong. He does not need PR because he is the best PR. Many PR forgot that Filipinos aside from having the tendency to root for underdogs also like to root for the underdog who knows how to fight back. FPJ and Erap where not timid in their movies. They were the underdogs but they always fought back. Lastly, Duterte understood that the poorer Filipinos are not as judgmental as the richer Pinoys. So many appreciated when he was honest about the sins of his life. 

5. Duterte plays with your mind and you do not even know it. You know why many addicts surrendered voluntarily? It was because he played on their paranoia and fear of death, they were forced to surrender. Some left the country while a few imploded and killed each other. 

6. Remember when many do not understand why Duterte is vocal about his dislike for the US. Some even said it is the death of the BPO industry and feared the scorn of the US. But his detractors realized later on that it even bolstered our position in the international community. Many do not realize that the US is looked upon as a bully by many countries who are afraid to speak up. We can afford to speak up because as a US ally for the longest time, we have the experience to back it up. Even in anger, they cannot just drop us and leave. We removed the US bases and they are still here. So, when a small guy stands up to the class bully, the others who are bullied see him as the good guy. In fact, Duterte's rogue stance earned the respect of once distant states like China and Russia. 

7. Many wonder why his enemies no longer make a big deal his cursing? Because they are so stupid to admit, it actually helped Duterte win. Majority of Filipinos curse. I curse a lot. And honestly, it does not make us bad. It only makes us human. And why is it that when Roxas curses, the few times he did, he got flack for it? Because he played the good boy does not curse card so well, when he cursed, he looked bad. 

8. Wonder why Duterte does not let his family with him in his official functions? Aside from the fact that they are based in Davao, it sends a very positive message that his distractors fail to comprehend. By standing alone doing his job as President, many see him not as Sara, Baste or Pulong's father. With the Philippine flag, we see him as our father. And that means a lot to an ordinary Filipino who has felt neglected by the past governments. We feel better. We feel that someone really cares to leave his family in Davao and visit me here in Japan, Singapore or angwhere else.

9. You know why many politicians who ran for President never kissed the Philippine flag and instead chose to hide in colors and themes? Because they thought that the colors of the Philippine flag represented Marcos and equate Marcos to evil. Remember KBL used red white and blue and the UNO used yellow. Duterte was wise enough not to be drawn by any color. He was wise enough not to be drawn by any packaging or emblem. While Pnoy used yellow and his parents and other used other symbols, Duterte used the greatest emblem there is: The Philippine flag. The stupid ones thought it has gone out of style. But it has never went out of style. 

10. Duterte took a long time to acknowledge his social media defendors. Why? Because he knew he still needed our help even after the victory. He knew we were not paid and those who did not get positions and still defended him, will still be his voice in social media because it is a voice based on principle and admiration. Why recognize us now? Not for anything, but Duterte is a kind man and he just wants to let us know that he knows we are there. Most importantly, he is playing with the minds of these yellow trolls who has become empowered enough to openly attack us. 

So, the next time you call PRRD stupid, just look at the qualifications of his social media bloggers. If he can convince us to rally behind him, you are the stupid one.

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Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page

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