Netizen Suggests How Public Officials Should Learn from Pres. Duterte's Handling of Disasters

A concerned netizen and columnist shared on her Facebook Page a very interesting comments on how public should learn from Pres. Rody Duterte's handling of disasters. Social media personality Malou Tiquia enumerated some of the things that every government officials should learn from the former Mayor of Davao City.

Malou Tiquia compared the previous administration's handling of disasters and how Pres. Duterte comforted the victims of Midsayap bombing and the victims of Bagyong Nina in just a short period of time.

Pres. Duterte's on the spot decision making right after every calamities and disasters was applauded on social media because he came out with a strong decision on the ground after he was briefed with the situation.

The columnist of The Manila Times, Malou Tiquia also lauded Pres. Duterte on how he handles his Cabinet members, the regional offices of frontline agencies who were on the ground as Bagyong Nina hit the country.

Here's the Complete Statement of Malou Tiquia:

This mayor from Davao who is now prez proved to all what executive experience is in handling disasters. From Midsayap to Catanduanes and CamSur, he was there. Unlike the previous head who was MIA for 3 days or over a week. He also made decisions on the ground, as briefed.
Several learnings:

1. For once (or because it has been so rare), the regional offices of frontline agencies were on the ground as #NinaPH hit. They were immediately out to check damages. It's not a uniform reaction but there was regional movements. (Take note #Federalist)

2. Cabinet secretaries can be reached and had updated data, real time, case in point, DA, DSWD and DPWH. (Take note, support staff was on hand)

3. AFP and PNP were on stand by (I hope the AFPCOE can be assigned back to responder status. That was a major lesson we should have learned from #YolandaResponse). Clearing roads are important to ensure last mile is reached. Building efforts need to be fast.

4. Prepositioning goods need to further be developed with data science so it is targeted by HH. Data science is also needed in building resilient communities (that is a green frontier where local talents can help)

5. We should really study having non politicos as members of the barangay so we ensure efficient distribution and not according to political association. That victims of tragedy need not line up but assistance is brought to them.

The impact of Duterte landing in Bicol a day after Nina I will no longer discuss, save the index went up for the "mass murderer" (right?). That he did not look kindly at the distribution of goods ("style bulok yan, ayaw na ayaw ko yan!) was on point to all politicos wanting and waiting to wade in. 

Key Takeaways: Government is here. We will help you. Get up. Recover fast.

Presidential orders were made. Let us see if concerned cabinet agencies will follow through.

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Source: Malou Tiquia FB Page

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