Greco Belgica Unmasks VP Leni Robredo's Hypocrisy & Lavish Lifestyles

Popular social media personality and the one responsible for exposing the DAP and PDAF controversy, Greco Belgica made another revelations on social media. This time, he was able to unmasks the hypocrisy of Vice President Leni Robredo and took a hit on the VP's lavish lifestyles.

Contrary to popular beliefs as advertised by the mainstream media in the Philippines, VP Robredo's lavish lifestyles is in contrast with her mission of representing the poor or what she called the people living in "laylayan."

In a lengthy post in the official FB Page of Belgica, he revealed the hypocrisy of the Vice President who is now in the United States enjoying her White Christmas vacation despite the fact that her home province was devastated by Bagyong Nina.

Greco Belgica revealed on social media that he received an information about VP Leni's entourage in the US. She brought with her the entire clan, including yaya's that she paid for and they will stay there until New Year.

Here's the Complete Revelations of Greco Belgica:

Unmasking Hypocrisy!

Alam nyo, I received information that VP Leni went to the U.S. with her entire clan, including yaya's that she paid for and will stay there until New Year. The information was confirmed. Ito daw po ay unang beses nangyari sakanila. Ngayon daw po racks of signature gowns - Paul Cabral and expensive bags ang pinag pipilian ni VP sa kanyang collections. New weekend house in tagaytay, and new white BMW. 

I did not bring it out to respect the season. Pinalipas ko lang dahil babae at pasko. Pero ngayong lumabas na, na andun nga siya. Pwede ng sabihin. To unmask hypocrisy and reveal the truth.

This wouldn't be so much if she is not projecting to be living a simple life, taking pictures riding the bus and representing the LAYLAYAN. Anong laylayan meron dyan sa New York sa lugar ni Loida Lewis? Ka meeting mo? Lahat naman tayo may kanya kanyang hilig. Ako motor, baril, lupa, pasyal at tambay sa bundok. Pag may excess ako, yan ang binibili ko. It doesn't mean I don't love the poor. I do, pero yun lang ang hilig ko.

But the hypocrisy of showing the world you are simple, prude, and has no attachment to wealth is nothing but lies, lies, and more lies.

Sana inamin mo nalang nuon pa. Kesa itago mo sa mga taong naniniwala sayo. Now how can you explain your sudden extravagant life style when you have not put up a business to support it? Sino donors mo? And why will you accept so much donations? Ano kapalit? And now you covet the Presidency. Regularly meeting with Pnoy and Mar, personally planning your relentless attacks to oust and assassinate the President. 

Dear Ombudsman, ito confirmed, walang business and all vacations paid for by her for the entire clan sama yaya, bagong bahay, at BMW. San galing ito? Bakit di mo imbistigahan?
Alam kong di mo gagawin, dahil kampi kayo. You are part of the plot. Ikaw ang protektor ng mga dilaw. Dahil ikaw ay dilaw na Ombudsman.

Source: Greco Belgica FB Page

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