Atty. Rivera Debunks Claim of Sen. Aquino Crediting Him for SUC's Free Tuition

An avid supporter of President Rody Duterte, Atty. Bruce Rivera debunks the claims made by some of the supporters of Sen. Bam Aquino that he was responsible for Free Tuition in all State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) nationwide.

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The San Beda lawyer clarified the issue and revealed some truth about the claims of Sen. Aquino because his bill did not even pass at this moment in time and how come he should be credited for it.

Atty. Rivera's statement was in reply to the controversial claim by a certain Madam Claudia on social media that Sen. Bam Aquino should be credited for the Free Tuition given to all SUC students.

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Debunking the claims, Atty. Rivera released the following statement below:

Si Senator Bam Aquino pala ang dahilan kaya libre ang tuition sa SUC. Eh di wow?!!! Hindi pa nga batas yung sa kanya, claim niya agad. Basahin niyo po ng mabuti ang sinabi niya. Batas na ginagawa pa lang. And the yellows take credit? Also, tatlong taon ka na sa Senado, now mo lang naipasa yan? Ngayon lang ba tayo nagkaroon ng P8billion? Or sa panahon ng pinsan mong President, walang perang ganun. 

Ang ginawa ng administrasyon ay pagpapatupad lang ng dati na karapatan na libreng pagpapaaral sa SUC. It is not even a privilege that is granted but a right. Sinabi ko na hindi ito achievement kung maipatupad ng President kasi it is what it should be. So tell Bam Aquino, he should not take credit for something that is supposed to be there all along.
Pinapakita niyo lang kung gaano kayo ka-Trapo.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera Bruskoday

The statement of Atty. Rivera is not the only truth that was debunked by the supporters of Pres. Duterte on social media.

Based on facts, during the Senate deliberation of the 2017 national budget, Sen. Ping Lacson found out there's an extra P8 billion for Public Works in ARMM which has its own DPWH with its allocation.

The funds became double that smelled and looked like pork barrel, so the committee cut it out and transferred it to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), that's the reason why the P8 billion came out. It just happened that Sen. Bam Aquino heads the Senate Committee on Education.

Some netizen also discovered that the bill which Sen. Aquino claimed about the idea for Free Tuition was actually first initiated by Sen. Bongbong Marcos but the Aquino supporters claimed credit for the bill.

Listed below are proof that Sen. Aquino just copied the Free Tuition idea of Sen. Marcos:

Sen. Marcos Eyes Free Tuition (Date: Nov. 15, 2015)
Sen. Aquino Files Bill for Free SUC Tuition (Date: July 1, 2016)

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