Thank You Anti-Duterte Supporters for Another FB Block

As a blogger and a self-confessed Duterte follower, I would like to thank all our supporters for visiting our site for the past few days despite the constant attack and Facebook block by Anti-Duterte supporters.

This is indeed another personal attack on this website, I have been a blogger for the past few years. I have authored more than 10,000 articles on our company's blog but never experienced this kind of attack.

My personal website have been blocked five times before and this is the sixth times since I started with my own. I made this blog and partnered with some of my family members to try prove to myself that even if you have a minimal experience on blogging particularly on technical aspects you can still generate thousands of traffic.

This blog have been successful due to some Facebook links which was posted not only on our company's FB Pages but also by some of my close friends who were Duterte supporters.

Take note this blog started a few years ago with just 50,000 views but due to the popularity of Mayor Duterte and the numerous endorsements from the Duterte communities this blog's readership reached to more than 1.8 million in just six weeks of operation and sixth times being blocked on Facebook.

Thank you so much for all the support and the continued attack of Anti-Duterte supporters on this blog, last three days this page was also blocked by Facebook but after that it generated almost 300,000 views, and here we are again another FB block links by whoever you are, you will never be successful in your career, whether you're a blogger or just a die-hard Anti-Duterte supporters.

Here's a screen shot of my traffic to make you believe:

For my hater/haters, I would like you to invite for a dinner (LOL), I know more than hundreds of blogs who supported Mayor Duterte and they will never stop despite my absence online. The will continue to support the mayor until the very end, win or lose in the upcoming elections.

If you are interested to know on how I was able to generate that huge traffic by using Facebook alone without any sponsored post, I can show you some techniques. Thanks a lot for not reporting the other blogs of my friends who were also Duterte supporters and you singled out this blog.

Are you afraid that someday, someone who is not good technically will dominate the blogosphere? I am just a newbie blogger but willing to learn and share my experience on how to generate thousands of traffic online.

Total patapos na ang election, contact me na lang, ituturo kung sino pa ang ibang blogger na loyal Duterte supporters, baka sakali pa block nyo rin sila (LOL). Palagi na lang blog ko ang naka-block, pero isa lang masasabi ko ma-block nyo man kami, hindi nyo ma-block ang panalo ng Mayor Duterte namin.

Maraming salamat ulit, sa mga INGGITERONG katulad N'YO. Kilala ko na kayo mga tsong, Maraming Salamat Anonymous Philippines for the tip kung saan galing ang IP address nila.

Happy Blogging.........

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