Major Loopholes Found in Trillanes Affidavit Against Mayor Duterte

One of the country's most popular personalities in social media, Even Demata claimed on his official Facebook account that he found four major loopholes in the evidence presented by Sen. Trillanes through his affidavit during a meeting with BPI Julia Vargas alongside Atty. Panelo, the legal counsel of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

According to the viral Facebook post there are inconsistencies in Sen. Trillanes' narrative with regards to his accusation against Mayor Duterte whom he exposed having P211 million in one of his account at BPI Julia Vargas branch.

First Loophole: Mayor Duterte allegedly deposited on bank account number 2433069539 four times on November 20, 2011. The said date falls on Sunday, which common sense dictates that banks don't do business on Sunday.

How about ATM deposits: If Mayor Duterte is depositing that big amount, he would surely raise suspicion if done via ATM machine, right?

Second Loophole: According to Sen. Trillanes accusation, the mayor deposited more than 55 million twice in one day. The claim is not possible according to Even Demata because according to the Anti-Money Laundering Law, every depositor is allowed to make 50,000 pesos deposit in a day. Going before that will surely raise the red flag in AMLAC.

Third Loophole: Joseph De Mesa is a fictitious name. According to Atty. Panelo during interviews with various news reporter he asked the identity of Sen. Trillanes' informant but the latter could not give straight answer of the identity of the informant. In addition to Sen. Trillanes claims, his source just heard the story of the alleged Duterte deposit from another party which is indeed a pure "hearsay."

Fourth Loophole: BPI had already issued the statement that Sen. Trillanes' document's are Fake. If the bank did not issue the documents from within, it is assumed FAKE.

Source: Even Deamata FB Page
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