US Envoy "Meddling" in Philippine Politics Draws Flak from Experts

United States envoy to the Philippines, Ambassador Philip Goldberg was criticized by various sectors of the Philippine society after his controversial remark against the sensationalized statement of Mayor Duterte in an incident happened during the 1989 incident in Davao City.

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University f the Philippines professor Clarita Carlos accused the US Ambassador of trying to meddle in the Philippine political affairs by giving his take on Mayor Rody Duterte's remark on the issue that against Mayor Duterte.

US Ambassador Goldberg previously said in various interviews that the American government does not condone people who issue statements that "either degrade women or trivialize issues so serious as "rap3 or murd3r."

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Some netizens expressed their anger over the statement released by Goldberg because some of his statement because it could be interpreted by some Filipinos as against a particular candidate who is aiming for a change of government in the Philippines and to change the culture of Philippine politics.

In an interview with Manila Times, the US Ambassador also quoted in a report expressing his preference to candidates who are keen on continuing the deep alliance of Manila and Washington, saying "continuity is better than change."

The UP professor Clarita Carlos noted that the US envoy's statement was "not appropriate" because he interfere in the affairs of the country and his statement may be "misinterpreted as for and against a candidate."

US Ambassador Goldberg made headlines for his statement against a particular Philippine candidate which was accused by various sectors as a sign of interference in Philippine politics. This is not also the first time that Goldberg has been accused of meddling in the affairs of a country while serving as a US representative.

Last September 10, 2008, the Bolivian government gave 72 hours for Goldberg to leave the country, after declaring him persona non grata when Bolivian President Evo Moraleas, had alleged that American diplomat was plotting against his leadership.

The UP Professor, Clarita Carlos also reminded the US envoy that "election laws prevent interference of any form by any foreign element."

Aside from the UP Professor, Kabataan Party-list Representative Terry Ridon also noted that US envoy Goldberg should understand "it is not fundamental in international relations that foreign nations and their representatives should not interfere in a sovereign nation's internal affairs."

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) also reminded that members of the diplomatic corps are not to intervene with the upcoming Philippine elections.

"While the commission respects and encourages free and open discussion of issues, it is felt that it would be best for all concerned that no mis-impression is created of any foreign intervention in Philippine elections," said Lim.

Source: Sun.Star Manila
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