Supporters Defends Mayor Duterte on His Spat Against the US Envoy

Supporters and believers of presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte defended the mayor on his latest spat against the United States envoy, US Ambassador Philip Goldberg. One of the most interesting comment posted on Facebook was made by a Duterte supporters living in the United States.

According to Facebook user Aris Aguirre., there's a lot of people asking his take regarding Mayor Duterte's statement about the US-Aussie issue, on his lengthy reply he noted that when the situation will be reverse, the US government will definitely not take the issue lightly.

The Facebook user and avid Duterte supporter also noted that we don't need foreigners to tell us what is moral or not. The statement of Aris A. also coincides with the earlier statement of Comelec that members of the diplomatic corps should not meddle in Philippine politics during the election period.

Here's the Complete Statement of Aries Aguirre.:

A lot of people is asking me what is my take regarding Digong's statement about the US-AuS issue:

Currently we have the US primaries and let us reverse the situation. Our Philippine Ambassador to the US issued a statement on US media condemning the hardline stance of Republican Candidates on illegal immigration and castigating the Democratic candidates for their pro choice stand on Abortion and we raised morality issue. Do you think those candidates will take it lightly? 

Do you think those candidates will be gentle to the Philippines? Mind you those are legitimate concerns. If you want to make it more personal, what if Bill Clinton that time was running for reelection then Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out. As we are so morally upright the Philippine Embassy issued a statement in US media admonishing Clinton. Will Bill Clinton bow down to the ambassador? The first thing he will do is to recall the US ambassador in the Philippines.Think! Read between the lines, Duterte's point is we need to be proud as a Filipino. 

We don't need foreigners to tell us what is moral or not. We need to learn how to stand on what we have as a nation. We are too hang up on friendly ties and what will other countries will say against us. Eh putang ina, yung gobyerno natin hindi natin mapagtiwalaan yung ibang bansa pa? Mag isip isip kayo! Be proud to be a Filipino!

Aside from Facebook user Aries A., some of Mayor Duterte's followers also defended the mayor on his latest issue which was already sensationalized by the Philippine media, most them attacking Mayor Duterte on his statement that he will severe ties with the US and Australian government. 

Here's Some of the Statements on Facebook:

FB User Jimay Solis: Duterte was right! First world country citizens always tend to have a wrong sense of entitlement. This is Philippines and they have to honor that!  

FB User Walter Maravilla: Wala ng respeto ang U.s at aussie satin..its time to bring back d totoo lng mas mayaman tayo..marami tayong natural resources..and we have d capabilities to build and design our own battleship..d natin kailangan ang mga bulok ng kano...its time for d philippines to shine...#ducay2016

FB User Van de Leon: We are no LONGER PAWNS in the games of WORLD POWERFUL NATIONS.--We now shape our own DESTINY ,our way.---PRESIDENT DUTERTE---get strike deal for mutual oil exploration of Spratly's Island.WE SHAPE OUR FUTURE NOW.OUR OWN WAY.  
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