Noli de Castro Endorses Mayor Duterte on TV Patrol

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is indeed the man to beat in the highly anticipated presidential elections after some notable personalities in the media came out to support his candidacy. The latest prominent broadcaster who joined the list of Duterte supporters is no other than the former Vice President of the Philippines, veteran newscaster Noli de Castro.

During the finale part of TV Patrol on April 20, the veteran newscaster Noli De Castro promoted Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his choice for president. Noli De Castro promoted the Davao City Mayor by stating "Mayor Duterte is the only one who can fix the problem of Tanim Bala."

For the past few days, netizens were disappointed with the alleged bias reporting of ABS-CBN but some netizens revealed that not all inside the country's most popular TV stations are not in favor of Mayor Rody Duterte.

Due to the statement of Noli De Castro favoring Mayor Rodrigo Dutete, netizens were overwhelmed and posted some positive response on various Facebook Pages managed by various Duterte supporters.

Although Noli De Castro did not campaign for Mayor Duterte but based upon his latest statement he is now considered as one of the Duterte supporters. His daughter, Kat De Castro is also one of the top supporter of Mayor Rody Duterte who campaigns for free just to support the presidential run of Mayor Duterte.

Watch the Video of Noli De Castro's statement on Mayor Duterte:

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